Synonyms for Flight:


Hovering, get away, soaring, break away, make off with, flee, throw off, make a break (for something), break out, bolt, break for. motion, hop, locomotion, aeronautics, mover, disturbance, movement, transit, aviation, action, transfer. inspiration, fancy, imagination, approach, path, effort, line, way, direction, angle, track. lam, air mile, accompanied baggage, baggage check, airfare, breakout, air rage, baggage storage, break, decampment, aerial, baggage allowance, getaway, AIRLINK, airline, free, escapement. bannister, fire escape, dumbwaiter, escalator, ladder, handrail, banister, landing, elevator. brace, flock, colony, drove, gaggle, hive, bevy, herd, community. commute, excursion, crossing, drive, expedition, day trip, circuit, exploration, cruise. avoidance (noun)
escape, retreat, disdain, elusion, shirking, circumvention, abstinence, declination, evasion, avoidance.
chase away (noun)
scare off, defeat, scatter, rout.
departure (noun)
escape (noun)
decampment, breakout, getaway.
fleeing; departure (noun)
getaway, breakout, lam, escape, escapement, retreat, break.
flight (noun)
flight of steps, flying, trajectory, flight of stairs, escape, fledge.
flight of stairs (noun)
stairs, flight of steps.
stairs (noun)
stairs, ascent.
take flight (noun)
get away, bolt, retreat, escape.

Other synonyms:

locomotion, herd, getaway, escalator, escapement, motion, gaggle, disturbance, crossing, movement, day trip, handrail, fire escape, banister, transit, decampment, breakout, mover, elevator. excursion, bevy, hive, hop, exploration. expedition, ladder, transfer, drove, colony, commute. landing, circuit. community. cruise, brace. action. drive. aviation
flying, aviation.
Other relevant words:
getaway, angle, imagination, dumbwaiter, break out, hive, flock, fancy, flying, exploration, fire escape, Hovering, line, community, circuit, flight of steps, bannister, colony, aviation, trajectory, fledge, excursion, transfer, break, flight of stairs, banister, airfare, motion, gaggle, effort, commute, flee, path, disturbance, approach, bolt, action, escapement, lam, handrail, rout, cruise, scatter, bevy, ladder, elevator, expedition, movement, mover, decampment, aeronautics, way, stairs, airline, brace, herd, defeat, aerial, track, free, breakout, AIRLINK, hop, transit, drove, inspiration, drive, soaring, ascent, crossing, locomotion, landing, escalator, direction.

Usage examples for flight

  1. Young and old spread their wings for flight – Stories of Birds by Lenore Elizabeth Mulets
  2. The General leaned back again and looked at him narrowly as he told the story of his flight from the hotel and across the Tennessee. – Tom of the Raiders by Austin Bishop
  3. When one considered her courage a flight like that told a good deal. – Mary Wollaston by Henry Kitchell Webster