Synonyms for Decamp:


clear out, skip out, take off, scoot, shoot off, dash off, clear off. move, brain drain, take flight, move out, get away, migrate, relocate, take it on the lam, emigrate, run away, make a getaway, resettle, cut and run, retire, fly, lam, give someone the slip, immigrate, break out, free, escape. decamp (noun)
absquatulate, run off, abscond, go off, break camp, vamoose, skip, bolt.
desert (noun)
escape, evacuate.


depart (verb)
embark, part, go, abandon, quit, withdraw, exit, depart, flee, leave.
depart suddenly (verb)
clear out, depart, break camp, bolt, flee, run away, vamoose, escape, evacuate.

Other synonyms:

emigrate, resettle, move out, lam, relocate, immigrate, brain drain. migrate, retire. move. escape. fly. abscond
skip out, cut and run, run off.
emigrate, move out.
take flight.
lam, run away, absquatulate.
give someone the slip, take it on the lam.
go off, leave.
Other relevant words:
emigrate, skip out, escape, skip, go off, take flight, relocate, fly, lam, migrate, immigrate, break camp, scoot, shoot off, take it on the lam, run away, abscond, run off, clear off, vamoose, give someone the slip, absquatulate, retire, bolt, move, clear out, move out, cut and run, evacuate, make a getaway, take off, resettle, get away, break out.

Usage examples for decamp

  1. He grew angry, and at length broke out into a violent passion; when one of the searchers, in a whisper, advised him to decamp if he wished to avoid the gallows. – Paris As It Was and As It Is by Francis W. Blagdon