Synonyms for Void:


absent (adjective)
nonexistent, empty, no-show, out, wanting, lacking, departed, abstract, truant, gone, away, missing, vacant, Omitted, absent, elsewhere.
empty (adjective)
vacuous, devoid, barren, destitute, lacking, clear, abandoned, vacant, bare.
nonexistent (adjective)
vacuous, unexisting, barren, devoid, non-subsistent, vacant, null, meaningless, empty, nonexistent.
nullified, meaningless (adjective)
worthless, sterile, ineffectual, null, useless, invalid, fruitless, vain, ineffective.
zero (adjective)
blank, zero, none, nil.


gap, innocent, absentee, destitute, missing link, missing person. grief, regret, depression, desolation, misery, sorrow, distress, disappointment, remorse, sadness. criminally, enabling, antitrust, civil, effective, forensic, criminal, common-law, extrajudicial, extraterritorial. bowel movement, Egestion, constipated, constipation, Bedwetting, dry, bursting. lacuna, space, blankness. absence (noun)
nonexistence, truancy, absence, abstraction, omission, want, lack, emptiness, vacancy, vacuity.
emptiness, want (noun)
lack, nullity, blank, blankness, nothingness, Nihility, hollow, gap, space, vacuity.
empty (noun)
nonexistence (noun)
barrenness, Nihility, nonentity, nothingness, non-subsistence, vacuousness, meaninglessness.
void (noun)
quash, nullity, invalidate, nothingness, emptiness, vitiate, null, vacancy, nullify, evacuate, annul, invalid, avoid, empty.
zero (noun)
nil, aught, blank, zero, nullity, cipher, zilch, nobody, nothing, dummy, naught, nought.


body (verb)
evacuate, empty.
get rid of; empty (verb)
vacate, evacuate.
leave (verb)
leave, depart, evacuate, omit, vacate.
nullify, cancel (verb)
annul, invalidate, abrogate.

Other synonyms:

uncrowded, missing person, missing link. abolish, destitute, absentee, bare, lacuna, blankness, abrogate. desolation. gap. innocent. clear. empty
Other relevant words:
abrogate, sterile, ineffective, invalid, clear, blankness, ineffectual, abolish, abandoned, vain, destitute, vitiate, desolation, lacuna, nullify, space, useless, annul, gap, fruitless, avoid, bare, depression, worthless, innocent, invalidate, hollow, uncrowded, absentee, quash.

Usage examples for void

  1. And this I did to the best of my power, though void of skill in the business; and more inclined to weep with them than to check their weeping. – Lorna Doone, A Romance of Exmoor by R. D. Blackmore
  2. The earth was without form and void – The Seaboard Parish, Complete by George MacDonald
  3. The old bitter pain was gone, but there was no mere void in its place. – Hillsboro People by Dorothy Canfield