Synonyms for Proceeds:


gain, interest. acquisition (noun)
earnings from business (noun)
interest, lucre, yield, receipts, profit, takings, gain, income, take.
money (noun)
currency, bankroll, bond, silver, assets, receipts, funds, bill, money order, copper, greenback, nugget, purse, change, gross, money, spending money, note, check, net worth, sterling, coupon, dough, lucre, wherewithal, promissory note, scratch, bullion, dollar, wad, stock, swag, ingot, petty cash, iou, balance sheet, pocket money, issue, wampum, treasure, profit, draft, ways and means, capital, gold, wealth, loot, moolah, bank note, income, wallet, pounds, coinage, worth, cash, fortune.
monies (noun)
profits, greenbacks, drafts, cashes, purses, treasures, coppers, issues, dollars, coupons, monies, balance sheets, checks, notes, nuggets, ingots, bonds, bank notes, bankrolls, promissory notes, fortunes, wads, wallets, coinages, Currencies, Incomes, money orders, stocks, IOUs, bills, swags.
possession (noun)
issue, yield, take, takings, payoff, return.
proceeds (noun)
issue, yield, take, takings, payoff, return.
profit (noun)
percentage, gross margin, profit margin, operating profit, bottom line, dividend, gross profit.
take (noun)


behaves (verb)
deports, comports, Does, behaves, acts, performs, practices, conducts.
endeavors (verb)
commits, exploits, ventures, aims, volunteers, approaches, engages, contracts, maneuvers, endeavors, undertakes, assays, attempts.
moves (verb)
moves, relocates, shifts, courses, transits, actuates, stirs, goes, runs, budges, transfers, flows, passes.
progresses (verb)
improves, furthers, progresses, advances.
ventures (verb)
initiates, campaigns, pursues, schemes.

Other synonyms:

percentage, gross margin, profit margin, operating profit, bottom line, dividend, gross profit.
Other relevant words:
gain, payoff, gross profit, take, interest, dividend, takings, yield, percentage, return.

Usage examples for proceeds

  1. The weathering of sedimentary rocks proceeds along lines already indicated for the igneous rocks. – The Economic Aspect of Geology by C. K. Leith
  2. The small quantity of furniture remaining in the cottage was sold; but the proceeds were barely sufficient to pay the expenses. – Old Jack by W.H.G. Kingston