Synonyms for Counter:


opposed (adjective)
antipodal, diametric.
opposite (adjective)
contrary, diametrical.
opposite, opposing (adjective)
contradictory, antagonistic, antipodal, conflicting, converse, opposed, reverse, antipodean, antithetical, diametric, contrary, polar.


contrary, reverse (adverb)
conversely, opposite.


get through, overcome, cope, work out, shrug off, carry off, handle, surmount, manage. acknowledgment, bon mot, strike back, aside, attack, back talk, forgiveness, afterthought, comment, barb, backchat, allusion, bromide, hit back. limitation, boundary, confines, limit, pit, range, restriction, constraint, control, play off, match, restraint. carriage, balance, antipodean, diametric, charger, opposing, calculator, contradictory, agitator, contrary, antonymous, opposite, convertor, converter, blower, diametrical, converse, antonymic, reverse, antipodal, compressor, antithetical, boiler, polar. talk back, rejoin, write back, answer back. board game, checkers, bagatelle, domino, chess, backgammon, checker, Chinese Checkers, checkerboard. dressing room, changing room, department, menswear, cold store, checkout, haberdashery, fitting room, bargain-basement. dinette, breakfast bar, dinette set, dinner table, countertop, card table. vice versa, to the contrary, otherwise, conflicting, conversely, paradoxical, opposed. board (noun)
display case, showcase, chopping block, worktop, stand, butcher block, ledge, worktable, shelf.
counter (noun)
foresee, heel, antagonistic, counterpunch, parry, forestall, buffet, rejoinder, sideboard, anticipate, comeback, retort, tabulator, negative, replication, return, riposte.
market (noun)
depot, bureau, market place, supermarket, store, department store, fair, shop, office, emporium, warehouse, chain, market, establishment, stock exchange, convenience store, grocery, stall, mart, bazaar.
opposite (noun)
converse, reverse.
table (noun)
dining table, kitchen table, bench, desk, sideboard, dresser, coffee table, table, lamp stand, buffet, console, turntable, nightstand, round, tea table, workbench, captain's table.


answer (verb)
answer, respond, rebut, counter-reply, come back, acknowledge, expound, return, counter-accuse, echo, counterclaim, retort, explain, countercharge, reply, counter-state.
answer, respond in retaliation (verb)
hinder, hit back, parry, oppose, resist, play off, match, contravene, counteract, cross, respond, pit, return, frustrate, retaliate.
defy (verb)
confront, counteract, face, affront, countermand, dissent, resist, defy, dare, rebel, cross, challenge, contravene.
hinder (verb)
plug, complicate, frustrate, block, interrupt, constrain, handicap, crimp, restrain, burden, cripple, dam, fetter, entrap, paralyze, curb, hamstring, drag, bottleneck, tangle, stop, impair, bung, constipate, snarl, hamper, restrict, jam, delay, stay, baffle, foul, brake, deter, encumber, thwart, cramp, congest, snag, mire, detain, catch, entangle, clog, choke.
oppose (verb)
fight, protest, check, dispute, oppress, intercept, inhibit, rebuff, obstruct, suppress, meddle, object, disagree, hinder, repulse, repel, impede, antagonize, interfere, conflict, contradict, repress.
retaliate (verb)
avenge, reprise, repay, Retribute, reciprocate, redress, revenge, retaliate, return fire, counterblow, exchange.

Other synonyms:

checker, antipodean, board game, backgammon, checkers, write back, opposite, checkout, antipodal, Chinese Checkers, cold store, diametric, answer back, bargain-basement, talk back, countertop, antonymous, dinette set, worktop, card table, antonymic, checkerboard, domino. antithetical, shelf, haberdashery, changing room, diametrical, dinner table, breakfast bar, dinette, menswear, bagatelle, contradictory. polar, department, dressing room. pit. reverse, opposing, rejoin. stand. answer
Other relevant words:
contrary, dinette, antipodal, attack, strike back, balance, opposed, diametrical, worktop, comeback, reverse, riposte, opposing, opposite, rejoin, antipodean, diametric, polar, replication, department, pit, menswear, stand, vice versa, play off, calculator, checkout, showcase, antithetical, bagatelle, anticipate, match, converse, rejoinder, shelf, hit back, antonymic, antonymous, answer back, ledge, conflicting, countertop, antagonistic, tabulator, negative, forestall, checkerboard, parry, bargain-basement, foresee, heel, contradictory, checkers, domino, counterpunch, conversely.

Usage examples for counter

  1. " There's the bawbees," answered Annie, laying them on the counter – Alec Forbes of Howglen by George MacDonald
  2. She evidently gave him up as not worth the effort and turned to the fright behind the counter – Combat by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  3. When she had gone, Marcella leaned against the counter pale and exhausted. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908 by Lucy Maud Montgomery