Synonyms for Favorable:


acceptable (adjective)
allowable, tolerable, appropriate, acceptable, satisfactory, permissible, adequate, passable, admissible, suitable.
affirmative (adjective)
positive, affirmatory.
agreeable (adjective)
all (adjective)
golden, prosperous, lucky, favourable.
approving, friendly (adjective)
approbative, complimentary, positive, affirmative, encouraging, agreeable, benign, well-disposed, Acclamatory, benignant, approbatory.
beneficial (adjective)
helpful, successful, benignant, progressive, good, beneficial, improving, prosperous, profitable, advantageous, Gainful, better, useful.
bright (adjective)
fortunate (adjective)
fortuitous, successful, fortunate, auspicious, propitious, lucky, blessed, healthy, favored, advantageous.
good (adjective)
beneficial, nice, topnotch, fine, admirable, laudable, exemplary, worthy, splendid, pleasant, first-rate, commendable, good, praiseworthy, worthwhile, excellent, benign, five-star.
good, timely, advantageous (adjective)
gratifying, appropriate, suitable, convenient, useful, nice, Toward, auspicious, lucky, fortunate, benefic, welcome, hopeful, pleasurable, worthy, fair, full of promise, seasonable, propitious, bright, pleasing, pleasant, beneficial, wholesome, prosperous, helpful, opportune, well-timed, promising.
hopeful (adjective)
opportune (adjective)
pleasurable (adjective)
bonny, fine, sweet, cheerful, blissful, amusing, pleasing, unobjectionable, agreeable, joyful, enjoyable, delectable, delightful, pleasurable, enlivening, entertaining, pleasant, ambrosial, charming, jolly, bright, enchanting, sunny.
promising (adjective)
promising, auspicious, rose-colored, encouraging, utopian, rosy, golden, roseate, hopeful, full of promise.
willing (adjective)
in accord with.


mutual, agreed, welcome, united, by mutual/common consent, desirable, together, in accord with, at one with. healthy, Acclamatory, restorative, complimentary, well-balanced, therapeutic, essential, sensible, healing, wholesome. benignant, competitive, beneficent, help, economic, cheap, economy, economical, inexpensive, affordable, low-end, Toward, benefic, salutary. joyous, exhilarating, timely, seasonable, life-affirming, heartwarming, luck, uplifting, well-timed. stand out, commend itself (to someone), knock your socks off, brilliant, exceed (someone's) expectations, fair, be an inspiration to someone, put someone/something in the shade, take your breath away, be really/quite something, make an impression. grateful, like, gratifying, congenial, satisfying. affirm. partial, preferential. favorable (noun)
positive, plausive, friendly, lucky, affirmative, indulgent, approving, encouraging, golden, following, advantageous, approbative, favourable, prosperous, auspicious, well-disposed, affirmatory, propitious, approbatory, convenient, opportune, pleasing.

Other synonyms:

cheap, economical, affordable, inexpensive, benignant, benefic, low-end. economy, salutary, united, agreed, satisfying, competitive, mutual, well-timed, Toward, preferential, gratifying. fair, positive, beneficent, grateful, together, congenial. seasonable. partial, welcome. brilliant.

Usage examples for favorable

  1. Accordingly at a favorable hour the next day, he made his appearance at Mr. Orcutt's house, and learning that Miss Dare had gone to Professor Darling's house for a few days, followed her to her new home and requested an interview. – Hand and Ring by Anna Katharine Green
  2. For a long time, I have been burning with desire to make your acquaintance, but have never, till now, found a favorable opportunity. – Bohemians of the Latin Quarter by Henry Murger
  3. The weather was as favorable as it could be, with a good breeze from the north- west. – Fighting for the Right by Oliver Optic