Synonyms for Economical:


all (adjective)
cheap (adjective)
budget, competitive, half-price, low price, marked down, at cost, reasonable, bargain, reduced, low-cost, dirt cheap, on sale, inexpensive, cheap.
conservative with resources; careful (adjective)
thrifty, miserly, avaricious, provident, canny, penny-pinching, niggardly, parsimonious, penurious, watchful, stingy, frugal, efficient, tight, practical, close, chary, circumspect, prudent, sparing, mean, closefisted, meager, saving.
economical (adjective)
frugal, thrifty, stingy, cheap, austere, self-denying, cheeseparing, prudent, parsimonious, moderate, sparing.
inexpensive (adjective)
fair, moderate, dirt cheap, sound, reduced, marked down, cheap, reasonable, on sale.
succinct (adjective)


low-cost, fair, Economies, ungenerous, sound, thrift. feline, smooth, practical, supple, balletic, graceful, dainty, gentle, fluid, fluent, lithe. concise, succinct, silent, laconic, canny, terse, save, brief, quiet, monosyllabic. disuse, unused, untapped, idle, at full stretch, disused, devoted. economical (noun)
efficient, stinting, sparing, scotch, thrifty, frugal, economic.

Other synonyms:

laconic, disused, affordable, thrift, succinct, unused, low-end, disuse, untapped, penny-pinching, careful, niggardly. miserly, fluent, ungenerous, provident, monosyllabic. canny, favorable, silent, devoted. quiet. economy, idle, brief. tight. mean. close. frugal
Other relevant words:
close, untapped, affordable, monosyllabic, circumspect, brief, chary, scotch, low-end, careful, sound, niggardly, save, canny, avaricious, miserly, shabby, efficient, economic, fair, ungenerous, penny-pinching, laconic, closefisted, economy, low-cost, penurious, watchful, mean, tight, provident, concise, conservative, thrift, meager, saving, stinting, practical.

Usage examples for economical

  1. We have not space to enter into full details, but we can say that the advantages and economies of combination and Association are so immense, that if four hundred persons would unite, with a capital of $ 1, 000 each, they could establish an Association in which they could produce, by means of economical machinery and other facilities, four times as much by their labor as people do at present, and live far cheaper and better than they now can; or which, in age or in case of misfortune, would always secure them a comfortable home. – History of American Socialisms by John Humphrey Noyes
  2. Such a method alone is consistent with the equal rights of all citizens and the most economical and efficient administration of the public business. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various