Synonyms for Event:


climate, state of affairs, turn, conditions, chance, function, context, phase, tide, phenomenon, story, proceeding, advent, environment, accident, affair, transaction, background, ceremony, experience, development, pass, appearance, shift. exigency, coincidence, discus, crisis, athlete, decathlon, celebration, distance, athletic, calamity, emergency, holiday, mishap, triumph, marvel, athletics, wonder, the broad jump, caber, predicament, cross country, adventure, catastrophe, misfortune, mistake, miracle, mischance, disaster. spectacle, game, attraction, contest, fringe, exhibition, play, black tie, display, match, performance, drama, bout, joust, company, blind date, meet, competition, coffee klatch, evening, dinner party. championship, close season, clash, conclusion, the Commonwealth Games, crown, cup, bye, card, challenge. thing, happen, show, life. news. harvest, corollary, ramification, sequent, end product, sequel, precipitate. actuality, reality, real. act (noun)
anyhow (noun)
anyhow, whatever may be the case, at any rate, no matter what happens, regardless, in any case, no matter what else, whatever happens, however, happen what may, at least, be that as it may, come what may, at all events, anyway.
case (noun)
circumstance (noun)
condition, circumstance, instant, situation, status, episode, milestone, conjuncture, juncture, cardinal point, landmark, occasion, moment, incidence, happening, basis, occurrence.
competition (noun)
effect (noun)
eventuality, wake, effect, aftereffect, outcome, offspring, upshot, result, sequence, consequence, outgrowth, fruit, aftermath, issue.
effect, result (noun)
consequence, sequel, aftermath, conclusion, eventuality, sequent, upshot, issue, outcome, outgrowth, aftereffect.
event (noun)
effect, case, outcome, upshot, consequence, result, issue.
occurrence (noun)
occurrence, happening (noun)
mistake, proceeding, triumph, mishap, catastrophe, case, phase, juncture, predicament, episode, marvel, affair, circumstance, occurrence, miracle, shift, appearance, misfortune, thing, transaction, conjuncture, function, turn, adventure, story, calamity, coincidence, situation, milestone, accident, ceremony, phenomenon, emergency, celebration, chance, experience, crisis, development, holiday, pass, wonder, occasion, advent, tide.
performance, competition (noun)
contest, bout, match, game, meet.

Other synonyms:

caber, the broad jump, blind date, athlete, discus, dinner party, coffee klatch, state of affairs, transaction, athletics, end product, climate, athletic, decathlon. black tie, experience, coincidence, sequel, background, context. corollary, affair, match, environment, cross country. evening, distance, harvest, game, ramification. reality, actuality, news, company. fringe. development. life. show. thing. event

Usage examples for event

  1. " I think Braddock will stick to the mummy in any event said Random grimly. – The Green Mummy by Fergus Hume
  2. In that event there seemed little hope for him. – Spotted Deer by Elmer Gregor