Synonyms for Game:


all (adjective)
gamy, gamey, mettlesome, spirited, spunky, gritty.
brave (adjective)
valiant, Fortitudinous, gritty, hardy.
brave, willing (adjective)
dauntless, gallant, fearless, hardy, spirited, ready, bold, spunky, valorous, valiant, heroic, unafraid, interested, intrepid, courageous.
courageous (adjective)
disabled (adjective)
enthusiastic (adjective)
fain (adjective)


act, demonstration, activity, thing, course, action, deed, operation, move. arthropod, gutsy, Gutty, intrepid, valorous, doughty, stout, dauntless, biped, bold, gallant, animal, bear, unafraid, beast, valiant, fear, audacious, beast of burden, arachnid, Fortitudinous, stouthearted, undaunted, heroic, adult, hardy, big game, amphibian. delighted, pleased/only too pleased to do something, ready, minded, acquiescent, agreeable, fain, obliging, yielding, willing, prepared to do something, interested. contact sport, zero-sum game, away, in hand, extreme sport, return, friendly, Sports. backhand, cross, blast, dribble, chip, ball, corner, dive, delivery. black-and-blue, out of action, battered, critical, cut-up, hurt, comfortable, wounded. cat's cradle, hide-and-seek, chicken, follow-the-leader, Double Dutch, catch, dress up, dodge ball, blind man's buff. bye, contest, the Commonwealth Games, crown, card, championship, close season, cup, clash, challenge. arcade game, parlor game, mind game, board game, computer game. business (noun)
competition (noun)
entertainment (noun)
athletics, distraction, fun, Sports, sport, amusement, diversion, recreation, pastime, merriment, play.
game (noun)
canasta, gamey, parcheesi, back, shuffleboard, billiards, bet on, cribbage, Chinese Checkers, backgammon, gritty, fearless, chess, pinochle, hearts, halt, gage, courageous, draw poker, faro, contract bridge, gamy, hopscotch, biz, snooker, mettlesome, keno, poker, rum, horseshoes, whist, punt, gin, patience, halting, euchre, quoits, brave, lame, marbles, spirited, solitaire, penny ante, Skat, rummy, old maid, blind man's bluff, draughts, stake, unfit, checkers, crippled, gin rummy, blackjack, stud poker, straight poker, tiddlywinks, mah-jongg, bridge, seven-up, dominoes, baccarat, spunky.
individual sporting event (noun)
laughingstock (noun)
April Fool, fool, victim, laughingstock, buffoon, dupe, patsy, monkey, fair game, butt.
plot, trick (noun)
ploy, stratagem, device, butt.
plucky (noun)
stratagem (noun)
device, ruse, pitfall, artifice, ploy, maneuver, trick of the trade, dodge, deception, stratagem, Trojan Horse, feint, wrinkle, plot, contrivance, trap, tactics, trick, machination, trickery, subterfuge.
undomesticated animals chased for food (noun)

Other synonyms:

contact sport, hide-and-seek, fain, gutsy, unafraid, stouthearted, cat's cradle, extreme sport, follow-the-leader, Fortitudinous, Gutty, dodge ball, blind man's buff, catch, contest, zero-sum game, doughty, parlor game. dauntless, valorous, intrepid, gallant, acquiescent, audacious, Double Dutch, heroic, undaunted, minded, mind game, dress up. event, bold, stout, valiant, willing, friendly. delivery, chicken. hardy, agreeable. return, away.

Usage examples for game

  1. Oh, what a game – Burr Junior by G. Manville Fenn
  2. " Ask him to sit in the game said another. – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey
  3. What kind of a game did he play? – The-Darrow-Enigma by Severy, Melvin Linwood