Synonyms for Hobby:


change, binge, activity, crowd pleaser, blast, delight, escapism, enjoyment, enthusiasm. animal (noun)
Falco Subbuteo.
avocation (noun)
specialty, side interest, favorite pursuit, fad, fancy, craze, art, leisure-time activity, craft, vagary, favorite occupation, whimsy, caprice, labor of love, pet topic, unremunerative occupation, whim, personal obsession.
craze (noun)
hobby (noun)
Falco Subbuteo, by-line, avocation, rocking horse, cockhorse, hobbyhorse, stick horse, sideline, spare-time activity.
pleasurable pastime (noun)
fad, labor of love, play, specialty, vagary, game, pet topic, diversion, distraction, craze, amusement, fun, relaxation, sideline, Divertissement, whimsy, favorite occupation, craft, fancy, sport, avocation, whim, art.
sideline (noun)

Other synonyms:

specialty. craze
rocking horse.

Usage examples for hobby

  1. " Very well, call it a hobby or what you like - only keep him in mind now, Flip. – Winding Paths by Gertrude Page
  2. An expensive hobby though. – Scenes of Clerical Life by George Eliot
  3. " Indians may have been his hobby – Mystery Ranch by Arthur Chapman