Synonyms for Animal:


all (adjective)
carnal, sensual, fleshly.
beastlike; carnal (adjective)
brute, corporeal, earthy, beastly, sensual, natural, earthly, bodily, feral, bestial, muscular, physical, brutish, wild.
fleshly (adjective)
human (adjective)
sensual (adjective)
untamed (adjective)
vulgar (adjective)
common, ill-bred, brazen, tawdry, sordid, shameless, barnyard, chintzy, outlandish, revolting, inelegant, barbaric, vulgar, cockney, cheap, obscene, homespun, profane, raw, repulsive, unrefined, earthy, tasteless, idiomatic, low, clumsy, coarse, broad, unbecoming, gaudy, offensive, coarse-grained, gross, boorish, salty, rank, brutish, colloquial, philistine, sleazy, base, in bad taste, depraved, ignoble, garish, rude, glaring, tactless, unseemly, rough, graceless, indelicate, scandalous, degraded, crass, unpolished, undignified, crude, ignominious.


beastly (adverb)
brutish, swinish.


bear, beastly, big game, adult, Beastlike, swinish, bestial, arthropod, biped, arachnid, feral, wild, beast of burden, instinctual. body, suggestive, amorous, intimate, romantic, indecent. genotype, the human race, being, organism, the animal/plant kingdom, life. Genghis Khan, sadist, despot, ogre, psycho, monster. animal (noun)
carnivore, livestock, herbivore, mammal, fish, feline, vertebrate, beast, insect, amphibian, marsupial, brute, canine, vermin, wildlife, ruminant, reptile, creature, bird, rodent, invertebrate.
animate being; mammal (noun)
being, creature, beast, invertebrate, vertebrate.
life (noun)
living thing (noun)
tops (noun)
beast, creature, brute.

Other synonyms:

despot, conversationalist, biped, arachnid, beast of burden, bookworm, big game, life, genotype, bibliophile, psycho, suggestive, sadist, amateur, aesthete, amorous, Genghis Khan, culture vulture, beach bum, bodily, arthropod, anglophile. indecent, ogre, adult, monster. being. bear, intimate. romantic. person

Usage examples for animal

  1. The boys stopped and looked around, thinking they might see the animal itself. – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  2. " But that- that lion," said Bunny, looking toward the animal tent. – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Playing Circus by Laura Lee Hope