Synonyms for Method:


basis. fashion, habit, style, tenor, routine, custom, means, adjustment, ways and means, formula, disposition, proceeding, disposal. modus operandi. pattern, orderliness, systematization, Systemization. approach (noun)
program, manner, way.
behavior (noun)
comportment, procedure, way, air, conduct, manner, demeanor, behavior, guise, countenance, practice, carriage, bearing, deportment, tactics.
calculation (noun)
judgement, value, multiplication, appraisal, calculus, deduction, algebra, estimation, assessment, arithmetic, division, quantification, measurement, valuation, evaluation, calculation, rank, presumption, thought, computation, mathematics, reckoning, program, study, approximation, gauge, plot, scheme, total, supposition, system, statistics, tally, conclusion, triangulation, consideration, account, determination, score, guess, enumeration, count, algorithm, sum, inference, plan, schedule.
discovery (noun)
form (noun)
means, procedure (noun)
formula, habit, adjustment, modus operandi, technique, scheme, schema, custom, way, arrangement, process, practice, proceeding, fashion, program, wise, tactics, tenor, system, disposal, approach, ways and means, manner, design, style, course, plan, mechanism, disposition, routine.
method (noun)
mechanism, tactic, approach, course, process, trajectory, technique, wise, schema, discipline.
order (noun)
balance, harmony, normality, regularity, order, organization, arrangement, efficiency, steadiness, uniformity, symmetry, normalcy, stability, consistency.
order, pattern (noun)
orderliness, regularity, purpose, organization, classification.
plan (noun)
opinion, design, outline, purpose.


order (verb)

Other synonyms:

formula, style, orderliness, means, custom. modus operandi. basis. routine. pattern.

Usage examples for method

  1. " What other method has he in mind? – Christopher Columbus by Mildred Stapley
  2. They felt shocked at the old man's method of working. – The Merriweather Girls and the Mystery of the Queen's Fan by Lizette M. Edholm
  3. It's the only method to get what you want. – Running Sands by Reginald Wright Kauffman