Synonyms for Total:


across-the-board (adjective)
all (adjective)
clean (adjective)
complete (adjective)
whole, solid, integral, done, unabridged, complete, conclusive, plenary, full, unified, finished, accomplished, universal, thorough, all, exhaustive, through, uncut, unsevered, comprehensive, sum, final, entire, collective, intact, undivided.
complete, thorough (adjective)
utter, full, plenary, undivided, sweeping, absolute, full-scale, entire, whole, integral, overall, gross, unconditional, comprehensive, inclusive.
entire (adjective)
tally, complete, full-scale, all, full-grown, sweeping, holistic, global, full, sum, mass, comprehensive, all-embracing, exhaustive, conclusive, whole, entire, all-inclusive, full-fledged, gross.
overall (adjective)


resounding, in depth, sound. prove, project, count up. run to, make, amount to, add up to, consist of, work out, come to, equal, come out. aggregation, tale, running total, the sum total, grand total. account (noun)
Cashbook, receipts, docket, profit and loss, budget, ledger, invoice, general ledger, schedule, slate, journal, reckoning, account, roll, register, books, balance, asset, balance sheet, inventory.
amount (noun)
quantum, allotment, quantity, piece, allowance, number, amount, ration, proportion, portion.
calculation (noun)
thought, evaluation, computation, calculation, multiplication, quantification, method, deduction, inference, mathematics, determination, consideration, conclusion, approximation, algebra, presumption, algorithm, appraisal, triangulation, system, judgement, supposition, statistics, calculus, enumeration, division, assessment, arithmetic, valuation, measurement, estimation.
completeness (noun)
Collectivity, solidarity, completeness, Everyone, oneness, totality, comprehensiveness, intactness, entireness, universe, unity, entirety, Allness, Everybody, exhaustiveness, integration, plenum, fullness, Everything, integrity, thoroughness.
entirety (noun)
Collectivity, Everything, intactness, entireness, comprehensiveness, Allness.
list (noun)
summary, history, roster, cash book, novel, scrapbook, waybill, Storybook, diary, documentation, file, calendar, notebook, registry, annals, store, menu, yearbook, record, album, check, recount, log, tabulate, recording, digest, statement, book, tablet, workbook, manifest, treasury, Bank book, pad, collection, blank-book, catalog, scroll, annual, repertory, itemization, index, census, list, chronicle, lexicon, table, logbook, detail, thesaurus, bill, dictionary, daybook.
total (noun)
unconditioned, sum up, complete, summate, add, tally, tot, aggregate, whole, unconditional, totality, add up, tot up, full, come, add together, tote up, number, amount, overall, absolute, entire, sum, gross.
utter (noun)
whole (noun)
entirety, mass, inclusive, quantum, aggregate, tale, sum, totality, cumulative, quantity, amount, budget, all.


add (verb)
increment, aggregate, augment, attain, increase, annex, accumulate, acquire, accrue.
add up (verb)
figure, reckon, number, summate, add, consist of, amount to, run to, equal, sum up, come, come to, calculate.
complete (verb)
utter, sound.
list (verb)
Journalize, document, collect, summarize, itemize, audit, note.

Other synonyms:

running total, add up to, in depth, run to, amount to, destroy, grand total. shatter, come out, work out. tale, make. come to. work. accumulated
sum, summate, tot up, count up, tot.
come to.
count up.
run to.

Usage examples for total

  1. If, however, opposition of interests should render its total abolition impossible, it ought to be regulated, and that immediately. – The History of the Rise, Progress and Accomplishment of the Abolition of the African Slave Trade by the British Parliament (1808), Vol. I by Thomas Clarkson
  2. Between the low- minded and the lowly- minded there is a total difference. – The Expositor's Bible: Ephesians by G. G. Findlay
  3. The captain, an engineer whose name I do not know, Mr. Tollemache, and ourselves make up the total – The Captain of the Kansas by Louis Tracy