Synonyms for Blueprint:


preparation, tactic, planning, agreement, conspiracy, arrangements. architecture, planned, architectural, elevation, engineering, map, lay out, feng shui, set out, landscape architecture, civil engineering. cast, formulate, dope out, frame, strategize, work out, project, devise, lay. layout, strategy, schema, game plan. blueprint (noun)
draft, pattern, draught, design.
cognition (noun)
pattern, design.
course of action (noun)
drawing (noun)
depiction, picture, drawing, Water color, rendering, pastel, masterpiece, scene, diagram, portrait, illustration, cartoon, painting, charcoal, still life, study, sketch, doodle, landscape, tracing.
plan (noun)
conception, expectation, anticipation, draft, idea, coordination, design, invention, chart, rendering, contrivance, plan, sketch, game plan, plot, layout, scheme, proposition, arrangement, premeditation, intention, aim.


creation (verb)
draught, draft.
plan (verb)
arrange, conceive, premeditate, propose, expect, contrive, invent, intend, coordinate, anticipate.

Other synonyms:

civil engineering, tactic, architectural, engineering, landscape architecture, schema, preparation, strategize, feng shui, planning, conspiracy. layout, project, game plan, agreement, devise, strategy. map, architecture. formulate, elevation. frame. lay. cast. Other relevant words:
conspiracy, tactic, draft, elevation, formulate, schema, preparation, game plan, draught, pattern, agreement, frame, planning, cast, lay out, layout, lay, architecture, strategize, planned, map, strategy, architectural, work out, arrangements, devise, engineering, project, set out.

Usage examples for blueprint

  1. I wish tonight that I could give you a blueprint for the course of this conflict over the coming months, but we just cannot know what the future may require. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various