Synonyms for Sire:


buck, alpha male, dog, cockerel, boy, Billy Goat, bull, generator, boar, bullock. conception, fertilise, assisted reproduction, artificial insemination, fertilize, fertilization, conceive, kin. breeder, asexual reproduction, breeding, fertile, couple, estrus, fecund, courtship, originate, hatch, breeding ground. R, the Queen, Defender of the Faith, ma'am, dad, Rex, papa, HRH, P.A., the Prince of Wales, pop, regina, old man, the Queen Mother, Pappy, daddy. father (noun)
forefather, daddy, creator, lord, Procreator, parent.
master (noun)
headmaster, mahatma, titleholder, lord, commandant, captain, governor, guru, maestro, kingpin, abbot, landlord, director, senior, master, manager, leader, mandarin, head, executive, mother, quartermaster, star, principal, ruler, dean, chief, headmistress, proprietor, squire, president, landlady, proprietress, authority, commander, officer.
paternity (noun)
forefather, maker, parent, founder, responsibility, engenderer, forebear, author, father, paternity, Procreator, producer, creator.
progenitor (noun)
sire (noun)
engender, father, mother, beget, generate, forefather, bring forth, get.


father (verb)
found, engender, create, make, P.A., procreate.

Other synonyms:

regina, the Queen Mother, the Prince of Wales, HRH, daddy, boar, Rex, the Queen, bull, Defender of the Faith. ma'am, dad, papa. hatch, old man. originate. R. reproduce
Other relevant words:
couple, fertilise, Rex, fecund, breeding, boy, cockerel, conceive, fertile, dad, beget, dog, bull, regina, generate, fertilization, estrus, fertilize, conception, bullock, generator, papa, R, kin, pop, buck, breeder, courtship, old man, Pappy, hatch, daddy, originate, boar, bring forth, get.