Synonyms for Establish:


gather, read up on, authorize, uncover. dramatic irony, bathos, device, dialogue, dialog, anthropomorphic, learn, characterization, allegory, Deus Ex Machina. incorporate, secure, fasten, start up, go into, move into. originate, set off, start, catalyze, bring about, trigger, start-off, invent. seat. predicate, underpin, over, rest. promulgate, politics, action. endorse, bear out. establish (noun)
instal, institute, give, shew, install, base, constitute, launch, show, lay down, demonstrate, plant, build, prove, found, make, set up, ground.


appoint (verb)
set, ordain.
argue (verb)
exhibit, witness, indicate, demonstrate, attest, testify, manifest, evince.
arrange (verb)
organize, design, schedule, harmonize, chart, scheme, prepare, adjust, devise.
ascertain (verb)
audit, check, assure, find out, ascertain, verify, double check.
base (verb)
set up, locate.
bed (verb)
insert, embed.
begin (verb)
bring about, launch, trigger, go into, initiate.
creation (verb)
enact (verb)
enact, ordain, decree, legislate.
establish (verb)
ground, settle, enact, ascertain, station, make, constitute, authorize, substantiate, start, practice, build, install, find out, certify, show, predicate, validate, ensconce, fix, stabilize, base, plant, determine, originate, put, legislate, live, place, found, prove, secure, learn, corroborate, confirm, implant, entrench, verify, rest, lodge, decree, root, form, institute, discover.
evince (verb)
depose, exemplify, exhibit, evince, connote, confirm, attest, indicate, betoken, determine, illustrate, vouch, declare, demonstrate, adduce, witness, corroborate, validate, observe, state, document, testify, prove, avouch, certify, substantiate, manifest, support, authenticate.
install (verb)
initiate, graft, Instate, install, position, put, locate, connect, embed, ensconce, implant, build in, root, plant, insert.
locate (verb)
situate, lay, station, post, find, unearth, spot, discover, pinpoint.
order (verb)
mediate, rank, sort, sift, schedule, class, frame, right, subordinate, type, organize, devise, pigeonhole, chart, balance, regulate, stratify, screen, scheme, score, settle, control, normalize, plot, grade, orchestrate, array, arrange, fix, rationalize, adjust, schematize, systematize, design, form, categorize, set, rate, structure, classify, maintain, marshal, unsnarl, program, place, separate, cast, Methodize, unify, integrate, group, collate, compose, harmonize, stabilize, plan, prepare, order, shape.
social (verb)
set up, launch, found.

Other synonyms:

Deus Ex Machina, dramatic irony, bathos, uncover, anthropomorphic, underpin, read up on. dialogue, move into, allegory, predicate, characterization, incorporate. device. start up, start, promulgate. originate, go into. endorse. begin
trigger, initiate.
lay down.
make sure

Usage examples for establish

  1. " I'm carrying it to establish your identity with Dudley if he happens to come. – The Purple Parasol by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. The remainder of the officers and men sent to establish the works died in Virginia either from disease or at the hands of the Indians. – Medicine in Virginia, 1607-1699 by Thomas P. Hughes