Synonyms for Politics:


ancient history, agronomy, archeology, aesthetics, acoustics, agriculture, applied linguistics, Anthropology, architecture, archaeology. politically, politicking, political, affairs, politicize, public life, public affairs. hush money, decoy, manipulation, bribe, blackmail, bribery, special pleading, sop, psychological warfare, lever. ground, frame of reference, ism, doctrine, culture, dogma, the spirit of the times/age, theory, philosophy, ideology. art and science of administration of government (noun)
political science, government.
political science (noun)
diplomacy, statesmanship, political science.
politics (noun)
political relation, government, political sympathies, political science.
tact (noun)

Other synonyms:

politicking, politicize, public life, public affairs, politically. political. Other relevant words:
political, politicking, public affairs, diplomacy, statesmanship, ideology, politicize, manipulation.

Usage examples for politics

  1. But, Ned-" " No, no, I am not in the least angry," he said, " I shall always get money to carry on politics – The Untilled Field by George Moore
  2. I'm tired of politics – Thelma by Marie Corelli