Synonyms for Trick:


sport, dirty tricks. malnourished, enfeebled, infirm, unsteady, ability, facility, sickly, vulnerable, know-how, weak, feeble, delicate, method, frail, skill. shuffle, bilk, rip off, entrap, hand, string along, round. flush, grand slam, dealer, call, accomplish, full house, attain success, dummy, bid, succeed, cards. jig, invent, bend the truth, manufacture, fabricate, concoct, make up, take in, Misspeak, honest, sleight, means, shenanigan. recital, monkeyshine, lark, impression, Punch and Judy show, monologue, work, improvisation, recitation, juggling act, interpretation, good. feel, hang, knack. excite, feat, stunt. stint, tour, shift, go, watch, spell, time, hitch, stretch, turn, inning, bout. four flush, play false, delude, beguile, put something over on, double cross, lead astray, betray, have, take for a ride, cozen, bamboozle. concealment (noun)
deceit (noun)
evasion, distortion, ambush, deception, game, subterfuge, disguise, perjury, chicanery, blind, snare, dodge, illusion, swindle, plot, falsehood, bluff, decoy, ruse, gimmick, cover, conspiracy, casuistry, equivocation, circumvention, conundrum, machination, duplicity, fabrication, stratagem, ploy, device, fake, pretense, maneuver, intrigue, trap, forgery, artifice, treachery, feint, concealment.
deception (noun)
fast one.
decoy (noun)
decoy, mirage, catch, lure, blind, bait.
expertise, know-how (noun)
knack, ability, skill, facility, gift, method, hang.
prank (noun)
monkeyshine, shenanigan.
prank, joke (noun)
shenanigan, antic, feat, caper, catch, stunt, sport, monkeyshine, lark.
spell (noun)
stratagem (noun)
device, maneuver, contrivance, deception, artifice, feint, stratagem, plot, Trojan Horse, dodge, trickery, machination, tactics, pitfall, ruse, trick of the trade, trap, wrinkle, game, subterfuge, ploy.
time working at something (noun)
spell, shift, bout, stint, tour, hitch, turn, go.
trick (noun)
joke, fast one, antic, fox, magic, magic trick, legerdemain, caper, play a trick on, deception, fob, pull a fast one on, prank, conjuring trick, illusion, conjuration, put on.


deceive (verb)
decoy (verb)
trap, bait, lure, decoy.
dupe (verb)
fool, dupe, deceive, mislead, hoodwink.
fool; play joke on (verb)
hoodwink, dupe, bamboozle, mislead, take in, delude, take for a ride, deceive.
means (verb)

Other synonyms:

dirty tricks, shenanigan, bilk, beguile, ambush, four flush, monkeyshine, cozen, bamboozle, sleight, betray. lark, inning, string along, lie, entrap, pretense, rip off, jig, bluff, knack. watch. stint, bout. tour, feat. take in, spell. time. have. avoid
sell out.
gyp, double cross.
hoodwink, cozen.
intrigue, conspiracy.
put on.
Other relevant words:
shift, sleight, bamboozle, chicanery, time, watch, swindle, knack, tour, caper, shuffle, antic, turn, gimmick, hitch, hang, beguile, prank, play a trick on.

Usage examples for trick

  1. " I always felt that he was the kind of a man to do a trick like that. – The Bondboy by George W. (George Washington) Ogden
  2. A little- known bank trick – The Film Mystery by Arthur B. Reeve
  3. You two have the same little trick of driving. – Man to Man by Jackson Gregory