Synonyms for Object:


adjunct, allomorph, collocate, antecedent, cleft sentence, clause, allophone, gadget, case, accusative. piece, organism, victim, recipient, whole, bits and pieces, receiver. be, entity, individual, have/have got against, tear up, stand against, go against, existent, declare against, being, rebel, existence. mass, bulk. planned, view, why, meaning, point. aim, recipient (noun)
victim, receiver.
entity (noun)
intention (noun)
goal, agenda, idea, expectation, forethought, choice, intention, plan, will, scheme, policy, strategy, calculation, wish, endeavor, schedule, procedure, ambition, forecast, prospectus, proposal, scenario, approach, consideration, aim.
object (noun)
objective, target, aim, physical object.
one who receives (noun)
receiver, recipient, target.
purpose, use (noun)
goal, target, point, objective, view, aim, wish, idea, intention.
substance (noun)
body, substance, stuff, something, thing, article, unit, material, matter.
thing able to be seen/felt/perceived (noun)
body, bulk, matter, gadget, substance, mass, entity, something, item, article.
tops (noun)
physical object.


disagree (verb)
bicker, oppose, contend, complain, dissent, differ, reject, collide, defy, argue, disagree, repudiate, clash, challenge, conflict, antagonize, demur, dispute.
disagree, argue against (verb)
complain, dissent, dispute, deprecate, oppose, challenge, protest, cross, demur.
oppose (verb)
repress, oppress, repel, protest, rebuff, suppress, obstruct, resist, cross, confront, impede, counterattack, hinder, check, meddle, fight, repulse, inhibit, intercept, counter, contradict, counteract, interfere.
protest (verb)
deplore, detract, disparage, ridicule, denigrate, grouch, deprecate, lament.
respond (verb)
refute, retort, rebut, deny, reply, explain, expound, react, answer, respond, defend, return, justify, echo, acknowledge.
sense (verb)

Other synonyms:

receiver, declare against, organism, role. go against, stand against, entity, piece. why, mass. rebel, whole, existent, tear up. existence, bulk. being. view. detail
dissent, demur.

Usage examples for object

  1. Besides," she added, " what right have I to object – The Lion and the Mouse A Story of an American Life by Charles Klein
  2. Why shouldn't I object – A Knight Of The Nineteenth Century by E. P. Roe
  3. Yet, since I so happened to be that object I must thank you. – In the Day of Adversity by John Bloundelle-Burton