Synonyms for Bear:


deplore, loathe, abominate, despise, cub, someone can't stand someone/something, bar, dislike, hate, abhor, detest. grumbler, coincide, correspond, match, approximate, bear/stand comparison (with), growler, grouch, accord with, amount to, have something in common (with something), parallel, sourpuss. go by, be determined, call, answer to, name, be tough, christen, name after, number off, baptize, call after. arachnid, big game, over, animal, amphibian, arthropod, beast of burden, biped, adult. pass, propel, uphold, roll, manhandle, shunt, advance, budge. arrive, baby blues, the afterbirth, antenatal, amniotic fluid, owned, anti-choice, baby shower, amniocentesis. bat, lug, tote, badger, anteater, bighorn sheep, black bear, schlep, angora. bristle with, grow in, accompanied, seem, tend, rate. show, grin and bear it, take the rough with the smooth, resign yourself (to something), exhibit, take the bad with the good, bear up, display. demean, shore up, steady yourself, catch, brace, prop up, quit, break someone's fall, be. lump, hump, shoulder, be burdened with something, lift. choke, die back, come up, bring forth, bloom, bud, rich, blossom, fade, climb. produce, tingle, let yourself go, give up to, overflow, walk away with, burn, feel. hand puppet, Marionette, dolly, press, golliwog, golly, glove puppet, push, rag doll, doll, puppet. strike out, set out, approach. refer, relate, have to do with, relevant, pertain, have a bearing on, appertain, concern. bear out (noun)
uphold, support.
bear up (noun)
grin and bear it, suffer, endure, persevere.
bear with (noun)
put up with, tolerate, endure, suffer.
mammal (noun)
hamster, caribou, fox, polecat, alpaca, possum, lemming, hippopotamus, leopard, beaver, reindeer, skunk, giraffe, dromedary, dog, mouse, ox, rabbit, dingo, ferret, coyote, sable, platypus, mule, mink, wolf, ibex, koala, hare, kangaroo, mole, rhinoceros, donkey, antelope, llama, cheetah, gazelle, marmot, goat, jaguar, moose, hyena, jackal, otter, ocelot, chipmunk, cougar, elephant, tiger, elk, pig, wombat, porcupine, mongoose, cow, deer, cavy, shrew, panda, sloth, squirrel, cat, gopher, rat, wallaby, buffalo, panther, weasel, stag, puma, Lynx, burro, arctic fox, ermine, bobcat, camelopard, yak, opossum, zebra, echidna, swine, bison, hog, horse, raccoon, lion, hedgehog, gnu, camel, sheep, stoat, chinchilla.


endure (verb)
stomach, suffer, put up with, tolerate, experience, undergo, abide, brook.
give birth (verb)
yield, produce, bring forth.
head (verb)
head, aim, steer, vector, fix.

Other synonyms:

biped, baby blues, bull market, dislike, hate, bondholder, big game, loathe, abhor, demean, puppet, deplore, golliwog, black bear, broker-dealer, anteater, anti-choice, amniocentesis, die back, arthropod, rag doll, antenatal, amphibian, despise, the afterbirth, Marionette, grow in, bearish, bristle with, golly, bat, hand puppet, detest, glove puppet, arachnid, abominate, bid price, bighorn sheep, schlep, badger, animal, seem, beast of burden, amniotic fluid, bear market. doll, tend, lug, dolly, tote, push, adult, bullish, angora, prop up, produce, rate. blossom, press, exhibit, arrive, bloom, bud, brace. nourish, hump, bid, fade. uphold, choke. display. quit. climb. come up. catch. abide
put up with.
have to do with, refer.
tote, cart.
bring forth.
take over.

Usage examples for bear

  1. " You will bear it in time," she said. – Wife in Name Only by Charlotte M. Braeme (Bertha M. Clay)
  2. Tell them, Felix; I cannot bear it without. – The Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge
  3. At first the thought had been more than she could bear – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart