Synonyms for Anchor:


cramp, account, agency, bower, the biz, affiliate, big business, acquisition, blue-chip. connect, hold, foothold, ballast, attach, safeguard, defense, security, staff, join, support, grip. berth, commentator, boating, beach, bail out, reporter, boater, Ahoy, the Admiral's Cup, newscaster, the America's Cup, canoe. buoy, bollard, life preserver, blade, life jacket, lifebelt, inboard motor, flotation device. correspondent, guest, fasten, broadcaster, announcer, move, dj, secure, anchorwoman, moor, make fast, fix. lifeline, crutch, trouper, confidant, straight shooter, a tower of strength, a man/woman of his/her word, right-hand man. edit out, edit, bleep out, bring in, get on, go on (the) TV/radio, hand back, front. anchor (noun)
ground, cast anchor, ground tackle, mainstay, linchpin, backbone, anchorperson, lynchpin, drop anchor, anchorman.
artifact (noun)
ground tackle.
broadcaster (noun)
cornerstone (noun)
fastener (noun)
fastening, mucilage, connector, link, hitch, cincture, clip, fuse, hasp, suture, twine, zipper, hook, belt, cement, lace, mediator, knot, weld, pin, lock, binding, bond, clamp, rivet, latch, thread, middleman, glue, binder, clinch, hinge, staple, snap, paste, knitting, tack, clasp, brad, fastener, closure, bolt, hawser, skewer, medium, bracket, rabbet, stay, button, splice, cinch, brace, buckle, braid, catch, agent, chain, band, grapnel, seal, coupling, vise, bonding, strap, Vinculum, cotter, tie, stitch, ligament, nail, guy, spike, go-between, cleat, string.
grip (noun)
something used to hold another thing securely (noun)
support, grapnel, foothold, hold, grip, security, hook, defense, bower, ballast, stay, safeguard, staff, mainstay, fastener.
stay (noun)
stopover, dock, stop.


contact (verb)
hold, be held securely (verb)
fix, attach, dock, fasten, tie, catch, moor, berth, secure.

Other synonyms:

boating, fasten, inboard motor, lifeline, broadcaster, lifebelt, agency, announcer, right-hand man, affiliate, flotation device, anchorwoman, bleep out, the biz, life jacket, confidant, boater, the America's Cup, life preserver, bollard, Ahoy, ballast, crutch, edit out, dj, blue-chip, straight shooter, the Admiral's Cup, acquisition, big business, canoe, newscaster, beach. berth, grip, commentator, trouper, hand back, buoy, bail out. fix, moor, edit, guest. blade. account, bring in. get on. front. journalist
splice, tie.
Other relevant words:
boater, dock, account, berth, announcer, dj, guest, commentator, mainstay, boating, anchorman, move, lynchpin, ground, reporter, ballast, Ahoy, affiliate, anchorperson, ground tackle, buoy, blade, fix, correspondent, lifeline, grip, edit, lifebelt, trouper, security, acquisition, broadcaster, anchorwoman, attach, crutch, canoe, confidant, stop, stopover, bower, backbone, hold, cast anchor, cramp, make fast, moor, safeguard, beach, defense, connect, agency, staff, secure, fasten, linchpin, bollard, foothold, newscaster, join, drop anchor, front, support.

Usage examples for anchor

  1. When the tide rose the lifeboat got up anchor and made for home. – Heroes of the Goodwin Sands by Thomas Stanley Treanor
  2. " So you have told me before," returned the captain, " but it matters not; we shall not anchor – The Madman and the Pirate by R.M. Ballantyne
  3. Revenge is one of the primitive passions of humanity, and when Leicester found himself cast on the sea of life, without anchor or rudder, he determined that he would make Olive Castlemaine suffer as he had suffered. – The Man Who Rose Again by Joseph Hocking