Synonyms for Handicap:


ataxia, disabled, Developmental Disability, Challenged, dumb, the blind, accessible. affliction, bring up against, plague, hold back, injury, let down, throttle, count against. furlong, going, double, detriment, gymkhana, flat racing, dressage, the horses, flat race, minus, horseflesh. disadvantage (noun)
detriment, barrier, burden, restriction, encumbrance, obstacle, affliction, injury, drawback, disability, impediment, block, limitation, hindrance, impairment.
disease (noun)
spasm, ailment, debility, disability, pestilence, infection, affection, malaise, malady, breakdown, apoplexy, nausea, unhealthiness, indisposition, condition, symptom, collapse, complication, fever, decrepitude, queasiness, feverishness, virus, Sickliness, disorder, sickness, syndrome, ague, infliction, complaint, curse, illness, disease, attack, infirmity, bug.
golf (noun)
birdie, bogey, caddy, bunker, bogie, backswing, ace.
impotence (noun)
feebleness, powerlessness, incapability, impotence, inability, inadequacy, incompetence, weakness.
penalty (noun)
deduction, encumbrance, chastisement, abatement, forfeiture, punishment, correction, retribution, premium, penalty, judgment.
punishment (noun)


body (verb)
incapacitate, invalid, disable.
disable (verb)
dull, undermine, invalidate, anesthetize, screw up, disarm, hamstring, impair, abrogate, lame, deaden, vitiate, hobble, cripple, tamper, botch, enfeeble, stun, disable, hamper, incapacitate, paralyze, benumb, weaken, prostrate, scotch, neutralize, stupefy, hinder, sap, cramp.
give disadvantage (verb)
cripple, impede, hinder, encumber, hamper, hamstring, hold back, restrict.
hinder (verb)
constrain, check, crimp, constipate, entrap, bar, choke, complicate, plug, entangle, snag, oppose, fetter, snarl, dam, impede, thwart, block, stop, restrict, brake, catch, bung, foul, curb, detain, congest, deter, drag, inhibit, baffle, counter, stay, tangle, jam, obstruct, interrupt, resist, delay, clog, bottleneck, mire, frustrate, restrain.

Other synonyms:

minus, flip side, horseflesh. detriment, odds. accessible, going. loss, price. disable

Usage examples for handicap

  1. It's a sort of a handicap never to have been over there." – A Modern Chronicle, Volume 6 by Winston Churchill
  2. Every reader of this volume who lives today under the constant handicap of a speech disorder, may well take new hope from the thought that " What man hath done, man can do"- again! – Stammering, Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue
  3. I hope they are; but I recognise that they resist under more than one heavy handicap – Eugenics and Other Evils by G. K. Chesterton