Synonyms for Bed:


accommodations, associate, associate degree, roost, bachelor's degree, advanced degree, aa, pallet, hay, 22, couch, sack, flop, mattress, Associate of Arts, 21, ba, baccalaureate, lodging. Air bed, bedside, bedpost, bedroll, groundwork, base, foundation, bedhead, bedstead. row, patch, plot, strip, area, backyard, grounds, allotment, planting, flowerbed, herbaceous border, garden, border, bower, botanical garden. stone, crash, awareness, bedrock, sediment, aquifer, rock, steppingstone, outcrop. cataract, bayou, lodge, bestow, protection, branch, house, cascade, billet, put up, harbor, channel, quarter, backwater, confluence, board, accommodate, bight, domicile, room. bury, have, bottle, center, bag, embed, take, box, entomb, cram, crate, couple, mate. consummate, jump into bed with someone, footing, foot, be intimate with someone, basis, Underpinning, spend the night with someone, substratum, ground, over. crumb, batch, bowl, C, bowlful, bite, consumption, cake. base, foundation (noun)
bedrock, substratum, ground, bottom, groundwork, basis.
bed (noun)
eff, have a go at it, be intimate, have it away, fold-away bed, roll-away bed, king-size bed, get laid, have sex, love, double bed, lie with, sleep with, seam, get it on, single bed, do it, bonk, cradle, make out, four-poster, cot, crib, have it off, bang, bunk bed, queen-size bed, day bed, berth, bunk, hospital bed, hammock, hump, bassinet, sofa bed, have intercourse, know, jazz, make love, bottom.
bedding (noun)
furniture for sleeping (noun)
bedstead, pallet, bunk, berth, mattress, bassinet, crib, sack, cradle, cot, couch.
object (noun)
patch of ground for planting (noun)
border, strip, plot, garden, row, area.
quarters (noun)


plant (verb)
base, embed.

Other synonyms:

bower, aquifer, bight, crate, bowlful, flowerbed, bayou, botanical garden, bedhead, Air bed, outcrop, herbaceous border, cram, bedstead, bedpost, bedrock, bedroll, bedside. cataract, basis, backyard, footing, sediment, lodge, backwater, base, steppingstone, domicile, entomb, foundation, confluence, groundwork. patch, ground, cascade, bowl, bottle, cake, consummate, crumb, allotment, Underpinning, border, board. harbor, center, batch, consumption. stone, bury, bestow, rock. crash, accommodate, bite, bag, channel. branch, foot. C. flop. box. take. have. copulate
sleep with, have sex, do it, lie with.
vegetable patch
Other relevant words:
seam, crumb, baccalaureate, be intimate, bight, base, footing, bite, basis, jazz, mattress, crash, bang, bedrock, allotment, have, garden, have a go at it, bottle, batch, cake, groundwork, Underpinning, sleep with, bag, planting, harbor, bedhead, sack, bedroll, couple, bower, branch, grounds, love, over, confluence, couch, outcrop, hay, foundation, ground, bury, hump, sediment, eff, room, awareness, entomb, consumption, quarter, mate, take, protection, aquifer, pallet, bayou, rock, foot, lodge, accommodate, accommodations, bottom, associate, herbaceous border, C, have it off, roost, domicile, cataract, bestow, bedstead, plot, center, make out, get it on, make love, lodging, bowlful, substratum, channel, bedpost, bowl, do it, billet, house, embed, patch, row, consummate, area, stone, box, strip, cascade, flop, border, have it away, flowerbed, backyard, steppingstone, crate, board, get laid, bonk, cram, bedside, backwater, know, botanical garden, lie with.

Usage examples for bed

  1. She made up her own bed for one of them, and her father's for the other. – La Vendée An Historical Romance by Anthony Trollope
  2. Oh, I don't want to go to bed – The Bobbsey Twins in the Great West by Laura Lee Hope
  3. Time you was in bed – The Hole in the Wall by Arthur Morrison