Synonyms for Meadow:


moor, green, moorland, Downs, paddock. grass (noun)
heath, meadow land, sour veldt, Polder, salt marsh, plain, pasture, mead, upland pasture, lea, veldt, llano, savanna, bottom land, alp, mountain meadow, grassland, high veldt, sweet veldt, pasturage, steppe, field, bottoms, pampas, bush-veldt.
grassy field (noun)
heath, plain, pasturage, steppe, grassland, mead, bottoms, veldt, pasture, lea.
meadow (noun)
prairie (noun)
veldt, pasturage.

Other synonyms:

heath, grassland, moorland, pasturage, lea, veldt, pampas. moor. green. farm
grazing land
Other relevant words:
grassland, savanna, lea, salt marsh, veldt, pasturage, field, heath, mead, moorland, steppe, pampas, Downs, alp, plain, bottoms, Polder, pasture, llano, moor, green, paddock.

Usage examples for meadow

  1. And oh, my dear, I don't think the house ever looked so dear as it did that morning, just as the sun rose over the roofs, and we were passing out through the meadow door where we had sat so often, to where the horses were waiting to take us away." – By What Authority? by Robert Hugh Benson
  2. A low grass- covered meadow was in our front, with a rail fence at the woods about three hundred yards from us. – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson
  3. The princess, who had been able to watch all the preparations from her window, implored her mother to let her go as far as the meadow and the queen, thinking all risk must be over, consented, and promised to take her there herself. – The Grey Fairy Book by Various