Synonyms for Purse:


cabin baggage, briefcase, accompanied baggage, carpetbag, Attache Case, bum bag, backpack, baggage, carryall. clutch bag, clutch, sporran, budget, money belt, moneybag, bursa, saccule, blood money, cash flow, coin purse, amount, appropriation, poche, bailout, halfpenny-purse, vanity bag, bounty, belt-purse, vanity case. change purse, moneybox, piggy bank. furlong, dressage, gymkhana, double, horseflesh, flat race, handicap, the horses, going, flat racing. award; winnings (noun)
wealth, funds, wherewithal, money.
bag (noun)
handbag, container, school bag, saddlebag, gunny sack, pouch, sack, pack sack, bag, pocket, satchel, reticule.
container (noun)
chest, crate, vat, decanter, drum, bladder, bottle, barrel, can, case, vault, closet, tank, ladle, bucket, reservoir, repository, stomach, flask, storage, bin, suitcase, bowl, jug, tray, box, jar, receptacle, drawer, cupboard, trunk, cask, cup, cabinet, holder, basket, locker, belly, shelf.
money (noun)
coupon, loot, spending money, currency, gross, pounds, copper, bullion, dollar, profit, wherewithal, greenback, wad, bank note, money, check, bond, stock, sterling, treasure, capital, pocket money, promissory note, bill, funds, moolah, gold, money order, wampum, worth, issue, ingot, dough, wealth, proceeds, net worth, change, draft, fortune, petty cash, wallet, scratch, note, bankroll, lucre, cash, assets, nugget, receipts, silver, ways and means, income, balance sheet, coinage, swag, iou.
pouch (noun)
saccule, money belt, coin purse, poche, halfpenny-purse, vanity case, sporran, belt-purse, clutch bag, bursa, vanity bag, moneybag, clutch.
purse (noun)
pocketbook, bag, wrinkle, handbag.
tote for carrying personal items (noun)
moneybag, clutch, pouch, sack, reticule, pocketbook, pocket, receptacle, carryall, bag, wallet, handbag, bursa.


press together (verb)

Other synonyms:

change purse, moneybox, piggy bank. wrinkle
Other relevant words:
backpack, dressage, budget, assets, carryall, briefcase, handicap, pocketbook, sporran, poche, furlong, appropriation, bailout, bounty, vanity bag, horseflesh, wrinkle, clutch, moneybox, money belt, moneybag, saccule, baggage, going, gymkhana, double, bursa, carpetbag, amount.

Usage examples for purse

  1. " Fortunately, my purse held just enough to satisfy her cab- man. – The Magic Skin by Honore de Balzac
  2. I had a purse with a little money in it that night at Quebec, but it disappeared. – Stranded in Arcady by Francis Lynde
  3. He had opened the purse – Mortal Coils by Aldous Huxley