Synonyms for Fellow:


identical (adjective)


teenager, academician, commissioner, squirt, kid, arriviste, master, cat, adolescent, stripling, youngster, branch, person, core, alumnus, juvenile, youth, charter member. equal, firm friends, confidante, girlfriend. don, doctor, instructor, close, tutor, not unlike, alike, assistant, sort of, candidate, similar, drudge, scholar, bachelor, homogeneous, lecturer, indistinguishable, member, graduate, professor, comparable. connect, my man, pardner, honey, baby, babe, BRO, sugar, bud. family man, boy wonder, macho-man. cohort, affiliate, copartner. near. compeer, same, coequal, equivalent. double, twin, counterpart, duplicate. fellow (noun)
companion, colleague, feller, buster, young man, Familiar, beau, blighter, swain, brother, sister, comrade, related to, boyfriend, cuss, gent, fella, lad, confrere, related, chap.
friend (noun)
colleague, comrade, buddy, teammate, co-worker, roommate, amigo, classmate, confidant, partner, schoolmate, sister, acquaintance, pal, crony, companion, Familiar, brother, intimate, ally, friend, mate, company, playmate, cousin, chum.
male (noun)
male or female colleague, friend (noun)
confrere, compeer, professor, double, instructor, assistant, comrade, companion, partner, lecturer, counterpart, duplicate, equal, twin, cohort, mate, member.
man (noun)
buck, hombre, male, gent, chap, manhood, boy, masculinity, guy, gentleman, man.
quantity (noun)
teacher (noun)

Other synonyms:

copartner, macho-man. coequal, affiliate, family man. cohort, compeer. equal, duplicate, equivalent. counterpart.

Usage examples for fellow

  1. What will the fellow do first, Thuvia? – The Gods of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  2. " We know your master, fellow said one. – The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance by Harriet Martineau