Synonyms for Claim:


concession, public interest, entry, permission, priority, access, entrance, voice. vindicate, acreage, corridor, conservation area, border, dry land, enclosure, attack, domain, belt, conservancy. Chapter 11, act, case law, Chapter 7, bill, civil rights, civil liberties, argue, civil law, avow, bylaw. ask for, requirement, invite, counterclaim, order, right, appeal, declaration, case, profession, suit, ultimatum, application, beg, allegation, contention, part, assertion, entreaty, postulation, insist on something, interest, protestation, stake. summons, solicitation. charge, level at, lay something at someone's door, apportion, dish out, stick on, impute to. bump off, take someone's life, exterminate, massacre, slaughter, assassinate, dispatch, strangle. carry off, walk away with, letter, recapture, sweep, award, crown, walk off with. have first call on, lay claim to something, stake a claim (to something). could do with something, rely on, want, cry out for, depend on. acquisition (noun)
acquisition, annexation, assumption, appropriation, gain, procurement, accumulation, addition, collection.
appeal (noun)
attribute (noun)
claim (noun)
call, arrogate, title, exact, take, lay claim.
demand (noun)
assertion, part, protestation, declaration, counterclaim, right, profession, appeal, contention, requirement, allegation, stake, entreaty, request, suit, requisition, case, ultimatum, postulation, interest, application.
pretension (noun)
charade, fraud, guise, fakery, facade, mannerism, gimmick, air, device, impersonation, affectation, ostentation, falseness, imitation, pretense, imposture, deceit, pretension, front, forgery, artificiality.
pretext (noun)
loop-hole, stratagem, justification, plea, smoke screen, alibi, red herring, pretext, excuse, rationale, white lie, reason, affirmation.
property, right demanded or reserved (noun)
assertion, request, plea, entreaty, postulation, requirement, allegation, interest, counterclaim, profession, suit, title, application, case, affirmation, declaration, pretense, call, part, pretension, ultimatum, petition, protestation, requisition.
request (noun)
requirement (noun)


acquire (verb)
assume, get, corner, procure, acquire, retrieve, palm, collect, buy, catch, lure, incur, secure, pocket, wrangle, harvest, obtain, heap, score, annex, land, fetch, capture, bag, receive, add, garner, net, accumulate, win, amass, reap, purchase, take.
affirm (verb)
approve, declare, certify, ratify, acknowledge, support, pronounce, avouch, assure, aver, proclaim, maintain, testify, propound, warrant, endorse, promise, express, sustain, affirm, pledge, contend, attest, assert, submit, adjure, corroborate, profess, accept, verify, admit, state, set down, validate.
communication (verb)
petition (verb)
aspire, hope, seek, apply, bid, compete, petition.
possess (verb)
possess, own, monopolize, have, hold.
pretend (verb)
cover, disguise, pose, impersonate, stage, falsify, affect, defraud, masquerade, counterfeit, show, deceive, imitate, fake, forge, pretend, bluff.

Other synonyms:

civil rights, appeal, invite, beg, declaration, argue, cry out for, civil liberties, acreage, insist on something, belt, civil law, corridor, case law, bylaw, level at, stick on, dry land, ask for, conservancy. requirement, allegation, case, requisition, bill, enclosure, request, apportion, contention, assertion, border. avow, stake, dish out, domain. depend on, act. want, vindicate. charge. interest. order. answer
lay claim.

Usage examples for claim

  1. " I have no claim upon you or your father," I answered. – The Betrayal by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. He may claim every dance that Sir Henry does not claim – The Reckoning by Robert W. Chambers