Synonyms for Truth:


true, veridicality, the honest truth, conventional/received/traditional wisdom, the gospel truth, veraciousness, substance, objectivity. real. honesty, loyalty (noun)
fidelity, frankness, veridicality, revelation, sincerity, openness, faith, candor.
in fact (noun)
truly, indeed, really.
integrity (noun)
probity, trustworthiness.
person (noun)
Sojourner Truth.
precision (noun)
reality (noun)
reality, actuality, factuality.
reality, validity (noun)
exactitude, exactness, truthfulness, genuineness, precision, fact, correctness, factuality, rightness, authenticity, infallibility, inside track, gospel, axiom, veracity, accuracy, principle, certainty, actuality, perfection, verity, factualness.
truth (noun)
definiteness, veracity, Sojourner Truth, fact, accuracy, authenticity, proof, rightness, honesty, matter-of-factness, true statement, gospel, absoluteness, the true, certainty, axiom, verity.
veracity (noun)
correctness, genuineness, factualness, accuracy.

Other synonyms:

veraciousness, exactitude, veridicality. philosophy, fidelity, objectivity. substance. sojourner truth
Sojourner Truth.
Other relevant words:
inside track, precision, principle, infallibility, indeed, probity, exactitude, exactness, true, revelation, truly, philosophy, veridicality, real, faith, substance, perfection, trustworthiness, fidelity, openness, candor, really, frankness, Sojourner Truth, sincerity, the true, veraciousness, true statement, truthfulness.

Usage examples for truth

  1. Tell the truth Jennings." – The Secret Passage by Fergus Hume
  2. Truth will always bear to be looked at. – Opportunities by Susan Warner
  3. I have come to you, Edith went on, to tell you the truth – A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming