Synonyms for Myth:


black comedy, drama, detective, cock-and-bull story, classic, adaptation, comedy. mirage, religion, optical illusion, real, belief, imaginings, a figment of your imagination, fraud. lore, folklore, mythology, mythos, knowledge, tradition. creation, fantasy. fable (noun)
folk tale, religion, lore, folk ballad.
fictitious story, often ancient (noun)
folk ballad, illusion, fiction, lore, folk tale, legend, creation, allegory, fable, parable, tale, mythos, saga, fantasy, tradition.
ghost (noun)
hobgoblin, bugbear, incubus, werewolf, ghost, ghoul, illusion, bugaboo, chimera, phantom, apparition, terror, monster, dracula, Phantasm, nightmare, daemon, frankenstein, vampire, shadow, bogey man, ogre, horror, specter, succubus, spirit.
lore (noun)
prose (noun)
fiction, allegory, novel, reading matter, anecdote, tale, story, storyline, plot, account, reminiscence, epic, romance, prose, short story, episode, scenario, novella, narrative, fable, prosaicness, recount, parable, saga, retelling, chronicle, yarn, legend, plainness, serial.

Other synonyms:

optical illusion, folklore, religion, mythos, mirage, tradition. fraud, mythology. lore. fantasy. creation.

Usage examples for myth

  1. Why don't people cry for help to other good men who lived in the dim past, and whose lives and deeds are half myth and half truth? – Barriers Burned Away by E. P. Roe
  2. Really, Will, I'm beginning to think she's a myth – Miss Billy by Eleanor H. Porter
  3. The dungeon of which you spoke was not so much of a myth as I had supposed. – Peggy Owen and Liberty by Lucy Foster Madison