Synonyms for Vanity:


card table, futility, counter, idleness, coffee table, dinette, dining table, uselessness, bench, breakfast bar, countertop, dinner table, dinette set. compact, vanity case. ego trip, Vainness, ego. unprofitableness, bootlessness, unavailingness, fruitlessness, used, thrive. attribute (noun)
conceit, emptiness.
boast (noun)
braggadocio, self-praise, self-approbation, boast, pretension, bombast.
conceit, egotism (noun)
ostentation, pride, pretension, ego trip, show, narcissism, Self-admiration, arrogance, smugness, vainglory, display, self-love.
dressing table (noun)
toilet table.
ego trip (noun)
ostentation (noun)
pageantry, flourish, garishness, exhibitionism, rakishness, formality, parade, swaggar, snazziness, ostentation, jauntiness, affectedness, grandiloquence, flashiness, Bravura, dash, shamelessness, splendor, pomp and circumstance, flamboyance, grandiosity, pomposity, pomp, sensationalism, histrionics, dramatics, boastfulness, showiness, fuss, opulence, showmanship, splashiness, blatancy, ornateness, gaudiness, bravado, Flagrancy.
pretension (noun)
pride (noun)
confidence, cockiness, egoism, pride, narcissism, high-handedness, assurance, smugness, haughtiness, condescension, high-and-mightiness, arrogance, conceit, self-glory, grandness, huffiness.
self-importance (noun)
self-love (noun)
selfishness (noun)
selfishness, self-occupation, greediness, egotism.
unimportance (noun)
triviality, vanishing point, insignificance.
vanity (noun)
bragging, self-centeredness, dresser, self-love, conceit, Self-admiration, dressing table, superficiality, Amour Propre, egocentricity, toilet table, emptiness, self-flattery.

Other synonyms:

superiority, uselessness, ego trip, snobbery, unavailingness, bootlessness, vanity case, fruitlessness, unprofitableness, Vainness, display. ego. uselessness
Other relevant words:
arrogance, vainglory, idleness, futility, ego trip, Amour Propre, frivolousness, unprofitableness, uselessness, self-love, fruitlessness, unavailingness, insignificance, Vainness, superiority, snobbery, show, bootlessness, toilet table, triviality, display, ego, complacency, emptiness, dressing table, dresser.

Usage examples for vanity

  1. But your vanity need not be hurt. – The Claverings by Anthony Trollope
  2. The lion, touched in his vanity immediately started up and roared away until the goose- flesh stood out on the rocks. – Fables For The Times by H. W. Phillips
  3. But her tone seemed to strip bare the vanity of human greatness. – The Card, A Story Of Adventure In The Five Towns by Arnold Bennett