Synonyms for Witching:


inveigling (adjective)
charming, enticing, alluring, inviting, siren, come-hither, tempting, Luring, bewitching.
luring (adjective)
magic/magical (adjective)
sorcerous, Thaumaturgic, wizardly.
magical (adjective)
talismanic (adjective)
fey, Thaumaturgical, Theurgic, Theurgical, magical.
thaumaturgic (adjective)


Thaumaturgical, Theurgical, Theurgic, talismanic, fey, Thaumaturgic. like, enticing, seductive, persuasion, siren, Inveigling, alluring, come-hither, inviting, bewitching, Luring, tempting. conjuration, witchery, theurgy, Sortilege, wizardry, witchcraft, Thaumaturgy, sorcery. necromancy (noun)
magic, witchery, wizardry, Thaumaturgy, witchcraft.
thaumaturgy (noun)
conjuration, Sortilege, theurgy.
witchcraft (noun)
witching (noun)
supernatural, magical, wizard, charming, magic, wizardly, sorcerous.

Other synonyms:

witchery, Inveigling, Thaumaturgic, Sortilege, Luring, theurgy, talismanic, Thaumaturgical, Theurgical, alluring, come-hither, Theurgic, wizardry. enticing, fey, bewitching, inviting, seductive, Thaumaturgy, sorcery, witchcraft, conjuration. tempting. Other relevant words:
inviting, Luring, theurgy, sorcery, conjuration, Sortilege, enticing, wizardry, Theurgic, Theurgical, bewitching, talismanic, seductive, Thaumaturgic, come-hither, charming, siren, witchcraft, Inveigling, fey, Thaumaturgical, Thaumaturgy, tempting, witchery, alluring.

Usage examples for witching

  1. Thomas's play, " The Witching Hour," was then at the height of its great acceptance, and the talk naturally began there. – Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009