Synonyms for Fairyland:


el dorado, happy valley, utopia, land, Cloudland, daydream, cloud-cuckoo-land, Avalon, the valley of the moon, arcadia, castles in the air, dystopia, land of make-believe, Elfland, never-never land, camelot, land of enchantment, the Bates Motel, hades, the Promised Land, atlantis. babe magnet, work of art, beauty spot, gem, vision. cognition (noun)
fantasy world, phantasy world.
fairyland (noun)
fantasy world, phantasy world, faerie, faery.
fantasy (noun)
vision, daydream, atlantis, utopia.
heaven (noun)
dreamland, afterworld, hereafter, paradise, joyfulness, eden, rhapsody, culmination, bliss, stratosphere, apex, eternity, spire, shangri-la, glory, canaan, happiness, nirvana, summit, zion, mountaintop, immortality, heaven, everlastingness, zenith, ether, pinnacle, acme, ecstasy, climax, goshen, land o'goshen, wonderland, azure, arcadia.
lotus land (noun)
land of enchantment, Cloudland, faerie.
utopia (noun)
heaven, never-never land, eden.

Other synonyms:

dystopia, arcadia, the Promised Land, never-never land, utopia, camelot, the Bates Motel, el dorado. work of art, babe magnet, hades. gem. vision. land. Other relevant words:
faerie, cloud-cuckoo-land, never-never land, dystopia, fantasy world, utopia, land of enchantment, arcadia, phantasy world, Cloudland, camelot, happy valley, Elfland, faery, land.

Usage examples for fairyland

  1. Within, wealth and art have created a fairyland of gold and colour; without, Nature, at her stateliest, has surrounded the great Shogun's tomb with a pomp of mournful splendour. – Unbeaten-Tracks-in-Japan by Bird, Isabella L. (Isabella Lucy)
  2. I like going up this river to Fairyland much better. – Mopsa the Fairy by Jean Ingelow
  3. He thought, besides, what a great thing a man was; he had never seen anything so large in Fairyland nor so important; so, on the whole, he was glad he had come back, and felt very comfortable. – Mopsa the Fairy by Jean Ingelow