Synonyms for Talk:


parlance, presentation, vote of thanks, public speaking, locution, the Pledge of Allegiance, utterance, monologue. deliver, give, dedicate to, inaugurate, chair, symposium, parade, commemorate. put (something) into words, enunciate, oration, express yourself, sermon. noise, fudge, let (it) slip, nonsense, racket, give away, jargon, jive, rubbish, rot, raillery, offload, leak, reveal, betray, bunk, badinage, lay something bare, bombast, cant, disclose, banter, trash. confab, visit, commentary, negotiation, inquest, exchange, talks, words, confabulate, exploration. lead to, influence, color, decide, grip, skew, stir, pack a punch, catch. cry, cheep, beat, brood, caw, chirp, coo, flap, alight. canvass, communicate, clear the air, tell, vent, state, negotiate, convey, talk through, declare, consider, articulate. fire, rumor, go, flood, cycle, gossip, cut out, whisper, grind, backfire, burn up, engagement, idle. confer, deliberate, heart-to-heart, powwow, advise, waffle, repartee, collect. law, get into conversation (with someone), inform, snitch, catch up, squeal, engage someone in conversation, tip, knowledge, fink, rat, fall into conversation, pass the time of day (with someone), stool. formality, fluency, resist, monotone, flow, give someone lip, sass, diction, talk up, gymnastics, idiolect, fustian, sauce, delivery, formulation. bragging (noun)
exaggeration, lying, boasting.
communication (noun)
communication with language (noun)
locution, words, utterance, jargon.
conversation (noun)
consultation, conference, conversation, dialog, confrontation, confabulation, discussion, meeting, interview, seminar, argument.
discussion (noun)
interview, seminar, negotiation, meeting, conference, parlance, visit, symposium, parley, argument, confabulation, consultation, powwow.
gossip (noun)
hearsay, chitchat, trash, jive, nonsense, conversation, cry, gab, rot, report, racket, noise, gossip, raillery, bombast, cant, badinage, rumor, bunk, chat, chatter, banter, rubbish.
hearsay (noun)
talk of the town.
speech, address to group (noun)
monologue, sermon, oration, lecture.
talk (noun)
mouth, blab out, public lecture, talking, verbalize, verbalise, blab, speak, talk of the town, utter, tattle, peach, babble out, babble, sing, lecture.


address group (verb)
communication (verb)
converse (verb)
meet, converse, chat, confront, consult, debate, discuss, parley, argue.
discuss with another (verb)
negotiate, consult, canvass, confabulate, confer, deliberate, exchange, vent, argue.
produce words; inform (verb)
influence, gossip, patter, prattle, speak, converse, squeal, babble, articulate, voice, say, utter, reveal, tell, verbalize, communicate, sing.
socialize (verb)
gather, socialize, host, join, befriend, attend, hob-nob.
speak (verb)
lecture, jabber, orate, patter, remark, gab, say, chatter, babble, voice, preach, tattle, prattle, speak, vocalize, chitchat, recite.

Other synonyms:

confab, the Pledge of Allegiance, canvass, rumor, reveal, monologue, visit, vote of thanks, confabulate, public speaking. inform, negotiate, talk through, presentation, communicate, stool, snitch, confer. negotiation, vent, squeal, consider. catch, catch up, advise. gossip, tell, declare. exchange, tip. convey. converse
Other relevant words:
monologue, powwow, sermon, symposium, canvass, exchange, influence, talk of the town, peach, blab, flap, babble out, verbalize, deliberate, fustian, bombast, tell, noise, negotiation, badinage, rot, rubbish, declare, consider, give, give away, advise, public lecture, state, communicate, fink, jargon, stool, disclose, nonsense, jive, formulation, leak, diction, visit, talking, snitch, parlance, deliver, enunciate, rumor, utter, cry, oration, racket, boasting, verbalise, articulate, banter, whisper, convey, blab out, squeal, betray, confer, mouth, report, tip, reveal, confab, delivery, cant, waffle, locution, vent, hearsay, confabulate, sing, gossip, words, rat, trash, inform, presentation, bunk, utterance, stir, negotiate, raillery.

Usage examples for talk

  1. What do you want, you say, and I want to talk with you. – Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore by Fay-Cooper Cole
  2. Let us talk like friends. – An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet by A. Henry Savage Landor
  3. You ain't come to that good turn yet that you talk so much about. – The Hole in the Wall by Arthur Morrison