Synonyms for Level:


all (adjective)
unwavering, even.
continuous (adjective)
cyclical, unvarying, unchangeable, sequential, incessant, robot-like, continual, indefatigable, gapless, flat, nonstop, interminable, perpetual, ceaseless, recurrent, unchanging, consecutive, endless, repeated, connected, seamless, straight, uniform, steady, continuous, invariable, continuing, unremitting, monolithic, constant, unbroken, everlasting, homogeneous, habitual, regular, consistent, unceasing, unending, undying, even, perennial, undeviating, repetitive, monotonous, un-intermittent, lasting, featureless, persistent, coherent.
flat (adjective)
horizontal, flush, flat, prairie-like, even, planar, tabular.
low (adjective)
deep, bottom, stumpy, short, squat, flat, low.
recumbent (adjective)
smooth (adjective)
glazed, glassy, glossy, varnished, slick, polished, smooth, silky, edgeless, streamlined, marble, slilken, shiny, satiny, sleek, flat, burnished, satin-smooth, slippery, Lacquered, velvety, even, frictionless, slithery.
smooth, balanced (adjective)
continuous, alike, uniform, common, calm, horizontal, precise, polished, matching, regular, steady, consistent, flat, exact, constant, rolled, unbroken, equable, trim, even, like, uninterrupted, plane, flush, matched, same, stable, straight, parallel.
uniform (adjective)
even, undeviating, invariable, seamless, indistinguishable, consonant, unbroken, assonant, homogeneous, uniform, unvarying, same, like, regular, steady, undifferentiated, undiversified, alike, equable, monolithic, consistent.


attached, next door, close, near, alongside, Beside, next to, nearby, united. aerate, behave, the carbon cycle, big, bond, peg, rung, action, behavior, assay, balanced equation, calcify, adsorb. Allen Wrench, blowlamp, applicator, bellows, adjustable wrench, box end wrench, bradawl, bit, blowtorch. feelings, your inner self, temper, mood, emotion, passion, frame of mind, sensation, undercurrent, heart. competing, clear, Against, out, unopposed, close-run. elevation, altitude, the roof of the world, eye level, the stratosphere, height, stature. curl, shape, deform, open up, bend, twist, work, reshape, straighten. clipboard, file format, autosave, clip art, bug, autoflow, edit, automatic hyphenation, browse mode, field. bath, glass, bottle, carton, barrel, jug, mug, cupful, glassful. criterion, baseline, standard, par, rating, quality assurance. downstairs, basement, the first floor, ground floor, lower ground floor, gallery, loft. smoothly, blunt. echelon, status, ranking, position. calm, at ease, laid-back, nonchalant, easygoing, chilled, at one with, relaxed. gut, condemn. denotation, substance, meaning, sense, connotation, usage, subtext, significance, thrust. high, elevated, precipitous, lofty, low-rise, higher, knee-high. erect. ineffectual, immune, might (just) as well, unaltered, untouched, negation, unaffected. installment, episode, the middle, lowlights, low point, instalment, juncture. maintain, standardize, preserve, regularize, hold, withstand, jog along, stabilize, stay. category (noun)
line, denomination, variety, genotype, genus, stamp, clan, ilk, type, series, style, stock, set, stripe, breed, kingdom, designation, classification, caste, race, phylum, order, sort, mold, people, species, label, make, category, grain, taxonomy, feather, class, kind, form, rank, brand, persuasion, Family, strain.
degree (noun)
measure, potential, caliber, grade, intensity, scale, extent, amplitude, quality, magnitude, range, step, notch, degree.
develop (noun)
fit, find the proper station, find the proper place, suit.
gauge (noun)
gauge, micrometer, rule, log, straightedge, T square, dial, vernier, protractor, compass, yardstick, rod, tape measure, sextant, ruler, transit.
horizontal position or thing (noun)
elevation, altitude, stratum, layer, story, floor, height.
layer (noun)
covering, coat, tier, mantle, hierarchy, graduation, blanket, lamination, Strata, layer, story.
level (noun)
even out, level off, raze, charge, take down, spirit level, unwavering, floor, horizontal, horizontal surface, story, grade, storey, rase, stage, tear down, dismantle, flat, stratum, degree, plane, pull down, even, steady, tier, point, layer.
rank (noun)
rank, position (noun)
status, stage, degree, standard, grade.
rung (noun)
tool (noun)
crowbar, grapnel, ripsaw, lathe, screwdriver, welder, Drill press, jigsaw, table saw, hatchet, spanner, scissors, edger, bench drill, shears, claw hammer, mallet, handsaw, gouge, ball-peen hammer, awl, hedge trimmer, tire iron, sledgehammer, emery wheel, wrecking bar, planer, scroll saw, shovel, pliers, posthole auger, jointer, hacksaw, knife, calipers, tin snips, saw, monkey wrench, lug wrench, trowel, file, machete, pipe wrench, square, chain saw, punch, Bow-saw, circular saw, coping saw, grindstone, keyhole saw, band saw, radial arm saw, wedge, sickle, crosscut saw, wrench, arc welder, chisel, hoe, plane, axe, jackknife, tool, auger, spade, buzz saw, hammer, drill, cold chisel, snips, scythe, back saw, stapler, pickax, miter box, pick, vise, spoke shave.


destroy (verb)
decimate, bulldoze, demolish, mow down, lay waste, destroy, rip to shreds, dismantle, annihilate, flatten, desolate, tear down, disintegrate, devastate, eradicate, wreck, abolish, smash, exterminate, raze, pulverize, vaporize, atomize, extirpate.
destroy, demolish (verb)
devastate, bulldoze, tear down, pull down, raze, wreck.
flatten (verb)
compress, squish, deflate.
homogenize (verb)
homogenize, conform.
layer (verb)
stratify, laminate.
make even (verb)
even out, straighten, smooth, flatten.
order (verb)
smooth (verb)
glaze, sand, gloss, grind, burnish, slick, smooth, polish, silken.

Other synonyms:

jog along, standardize, unopposed, ground floor, lower ground floor, criterion, rating, low point, the first floor, regularize, close-run, eye level, downstairs, quality assurance, altitude, glassful, knee-high, basement, stature, height, juncture, unaltered. competing, the stratosphere, withstand, peg, carton, unaffected, ineffectual, untouched, lowlights, jug. blunt, elevation, stay, immune, installment, precipitous, smoothly, barrel, glass, elevated, stabilize, negation, baseline. gut, true, standard, loft. Against, preserve. out, maintain. clear, parallel, close. stable. high. hold. bring down
mow down.
lay waste, axe.
take apart
Other relevant words:
equal, balanced, stratum, stage, status, floor, rase.

Usage examples for level

  1. Macdonald lifted his hands slowly, holding them little above a level with his shoulders. – The Rustler of Wind River by G. W. Ogden
  2. The car stood at ground level but the ground was not there any more. – Freudian Slip by Franklin Abel
  3. I merely asked whether capital doesn't seek its own level – John March, Southerner by George W. Cable