Synonyms for Continuous:


all (adjective)
cohesive (adjective)
indissoluble, connected, integrated, conforming, inseparable, indivisible, solid, congruous, consistent, cohesive.
constant, unending (adjective)
interminable, timeless, repeated, uninterrupted, endless, steady, stable, unceasing, everlasting, consecutive, connected, unbroken, regular, perpetual.
continuing (adjective)
continuous (adjective)
habitual, connected, undeviating, even, steady, regular, invariable, perennial, unceasing, unending, monolithic, consistent, lasting, seamless, incessant, unvarying, interminable, continuing, level, recurrent, ceaseless, nonstop, homogeneous, repetitive, uniform, everlasting, unchanging, featureless, sequential, gapless, flat, repeated, coherent, continual, unchangeable, unremitting, constant, undying, indefatigable, consecutive, cyclical, robot-like, perpetual, monotonous, persistent, unbroken, straight, un-intermittent, endless.
direct (adjective)
entire (adjective)
infinite (adjective)
never-ending (adjective)
stable (adjective)
permanent, constant, stable, steady, firm, consistent, steadfast, persistent, immovable, durable, changeless, invariable, solid, set.


causative, intransitive, imperative, impersonal, finite, imperfect, future, active, ergative. forever, indefinite, continue, unfailing, eternal, relentless, ongoing, timeless. diagonal, ridged, parallel, longitudinal, serpentine, linear, oblique. continuous (noun)
continual, perpetual, straight, consecutive, incessant, sustained, round the clock, unceasing, ceaseless, nonstop, endless, uninterrupted, around the clock, dogging, persisting, unremitting, day-and-night, constant, never-ending, free burning.
endless (noun)
eternal, study at perpetual.

Other synonyms:

future, ridged, imperfect, impersonal, finite, imperative, forever, eternal, intransitive, ergative, serpentine, causative, timeless. indefinite, longitudinal, linear, diagonal. relentless, unfailing, oblique. parallel. active. around-the-clock
around the clock.

Usage examples for continuous

  1. In like manner the long union between Norway and Denmark was a continuous source of irritation, but after the dissolution they were the best of friends. – Norwegian Life by Ethlyn T. Clough