Synonyms for Odd:


chance (adjective)
different (adjective)
exceptional (adjective)
uncustomary, unique.
infrequent (adjective)
sparse, isolated, sporadic, unusual, infrequent, occasional, rare, uncommon.
irregular (adjective)
exceptional, irregular.
miscellaneous, various (adjective)
fortuitous, casual, contingent, fluky, accidental, varied, fragmentary, different, chance, occasional, irregular.
nonconforming (adjective)
eccentric, out of the ordinary, oddity, deranged, funny, mismatch, erratic, inconsistent, different, incompatible, incongruous, fey, improper, unconventional, crazy, aberrant, off, outlandish, extraordinary, divergent, freakish, anomalous, bizarre, irregular, un-ordinary, deviant, untypical, oddball, quirky, exceptional, singular, nonconforming, peculiar, uncustomary, misfit, unusual, unfamiliar, crosspatch, abnormal, idiosyncratic, novel, curious, unique, strange, atypical, uncommon.
single (adjective)
solitary, sole, only, lone, individual, single, alone, singular, unique.
single, unmatched; uneven (adjective)
singular, solitary, lone, individual, left, spare, sole, additional, leftover, remaining, unpaired, alone.
unequal (adjective)


surprising, exotic, notable. imprecise, approximately, kooky, questionable, weird, wrong, cranky, screwball, broadly, approximate, usual, roughly, unnatural, inaccurate, incorrect. heterogeneous, eclectic, combined, miscellaneous, balanced, complementary, graded, cohesive, integrated, jumbled. occasionally, from time to time, intermittent, sometimes, spasmodic, (every) now and then/again, every so often. lack, chance, accidental, deficient, bereft of something, casual, starved, devoid, surprise, stretched, deprived, minus, incomplete, fluky, want for, fortuitous, contingent, inadvertent. indefinite (noun)
obscure, vague, insecure, doubtful, uncertain, inexplicit.
miscellaneous (noun)
various, fragmentary, varied.
odd (noun)
singular, mismatched, unmated, funny, strange, rum, peculiar, remaining, rummy, unexpended, left over, unusual, curious, unpaired, leftover, inexact, unmatched, left, unexhausted.

Other synonyms:

kooky, exotic, fluky. fortuitous, accidental, casual. weird, unnatural, cranky, inadvertent. contingent. miscellaneous
Other relevant words:
fortuitous, varied, roughly, decimal, incorrect, notable, fragmentary, leftover, exotic, left, left over, inaccurate, kooky, unmatched, chance, accidental, rum, rummy, imprecise, fluky, inadvertent, alone, casual, miscellaneous, weird, doubtful, unpaired, remaining, spare, heterogeneous, surprising, obscure, screwball, various, mismatched, wrong, unmated, contingent, additional, inexact, questionable, cranky, unnatural, unexhausted, approximately, unexpended.

Usage examples for odd

  1. Ain't it an odd thing he never married? – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1905 to 1906 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  2. Isn't it an odd little place? – Lady Rose's Daughter by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. " That is of no importance whatever, Rrisa," answered the Master with an odd smile. – The Flying Legion by George Allan England