Synonyms for Bearing:


block, chamber, ball bearing, frame, fulcrum, ancillary, cam, bucket, pivot, camshaft, button, belt. balance, address, pose, poise. compass, east, easterly, be, eastward, easternmost, cardinal point. approach. place, situation. germaneness, appositeness, materiality, concernment, relevant, application, relevancy, pertinency. appearance (noun)
aspect, appearance, cast, demeanor, display, form, countenance, show, spectacle, shape, mien, vista, air, figure, look, image, view.
bearing (noun)
fix, direction, orientation, inclination, position, location, vector, course, heading, aim.
behavior (noun)
method, behavior, guise, procedure, way, manner, carriage, comportment, conduct, practice, tactics, address, deportment.
direction (noun)
trend, route, track, itinerary, path.
heading (noun)
heading, vector.
importance (noun)
location (noun)
aim, heading.
person's conduct, posture (noun)
carriage, deportment, mien, display, comportment, behavior, air, aspect, manner, pose, address, poise, demeanor, look.
relevance (noun)
relevance, fittingness, pertinence, applicability, appropriateness.
significance (noun)
pertinence, application, relevance, relation.


abiding (verb)
Experiencing, Tarrying, abiding, remaining, persevering, enduring, continuing, Tolerating, Undergoing, persisting, putting up with, lasting, lingering, going on, suffering.
bringing (verb)
conveying, Attracting, bringing, Carrying, Transferring, adducing, imparting, drawing, Transporting, inducing, fetching, conducting.
carrying (verb)
sending, moving, Dispatching, transmitting, Expressing, Delivering, Removing, hauling, shifting, carting.
heading (verb)
steering, fixing, vectoring, Aiming.

Other synonyms:

pertinency, ball bearing, importance, relevancy, concernment, materiality, camshaft, easternmost, eastward, pose, cardinal point, appositeness, germaneness. poise, button, compass, cam, easterly, bucket. situation. belt, east, ancillary. application, balance. Other relevant words:
cam, importance, place, balance, button, approach, east, block, relation, camshaft, easterly, concernment, pertinency, frame, easternmost, eastward, relevant, relevancy, situation, pivot, compass, appositeness, application, air, address, germaneness, ball bearing, pose, materiality, belt, fulcrum, significance, poise, relationship.

Usage examples for bearing

  1. We only discovered this an hour later, when the compass bearing of the road was found to be wrong. – The Escaping Club by A. J. Evans
  2. A letter arrived for my father yesterday evening, bearing the Fordingbridge post- mark. – Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle