Synonyms for Generation:


boomer, baby boomer, the younger generation, the Beat Generation, the generation gap, Generation Y, intergenerational, generation X. blood, reproduction, eldest, the elder, breeding, clansman, dependent, elder, black sheep, clanswoman, procreation, Spawning, blood relation, charge, bearing. classification, taxonomy, crop, class, grouping, peer group, type, category, sort, variety, cross-section, rank, kind. byproduct, commodity, derivative, end product, line, brand, span, brand name, lineup, brand leader. industry, mass production, means of production, Heavy Industry, Manufacturing. age (noun)
eon, epoch, era, lastingness, lifetime, age, oldness, duration, longevity, time.
cause (noun)
compunction, mainspring, stimulus, drive, origination, root, elicitation, force, action, motivator, basis, enforcement, source, execution, motive, factor, cause, inspiration, evocation, determinant, compulsion, effectuation, grounds, provocation.
creation (noun)
establishment, conception, invention, formulation.
creation, production (noun)
formation, Spawning, propagation, bearing, origination, genesis, breeding, reproduction, procreation.
era; age group (noun)
crop, contemporaries, time, rank, span, epoch, eon, day.
generation (noun)
coevals, genesis, propagation, multiplication, contemporaries.
point of time (noun)
decade, term, millennium, minute, month, millisecond, week, century, microsecond, semester, hour, day, second, year.
production (noun)
creation, production, making, building, fabrication, development, construction, manufacture, formation.
reproduction (noun)
Spawning, procreation.

Other synonyms:

brand name, Generation Y, Manufacturing, generation X, Heavy Industry, mass production, the Beat Generation, baby boomer, reproduction, brand leader, end product, boomer, intergenerational, the generation gap. commodity, byproduct. brand. lineup, derivative. industry. line. Other relevant words:
dependent, propagation, grouping, crop, byproduct, class, charge, line, industry, contemporaries, kind, boomer, bearing, elder, taxonomy, brand name, coevals, category, span, Spawning, type, variety, derivative, reproduction, blood, peer group, lineup, clanswoman, genesis, multiplication, sort, eldest, clansman, classification, Manufacturing, brand, procreation, commodity, intergenerational, breeding, rank.

Usage examples for generation

  1. It was only that which you were so eager to pass on to another generation – 54-40 or Fight by Emerson Hough
  2. He was useful in his day and generation – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë