Synonyms for Clever:


all (adjective)
bright, ingenious (adjective)
cagey, shrewd, discerning, knowing, brilliant, foxy, intelligent, slick, nimble, canny, wise, adroit, expert, competent, smart, astute, good, quick, skillful, capable, talented, inventive, skilled, handy, versatile, sagacious, quick-witted, sharp, able, sly, knowledgeable, brainy, gifted, resourceful, adept, apt, witty, alert, cunning.
cunning (adjective)
serpentine, wily, deft, slick, masterful, skillful, subtle, quick, designing, foxy, slippery, devious, masterly, ingenious, canny, crafty, snaky, smooth, astute, shrewd, cunning, feline, sharp, tricky, wary, calculating, witty, sly, artful, scheming.
discriminating (adjective)
intelligent (adjective)
erudite, wise, sharp, intellectual, Comprehending, gifted, encyclopedic, sagacious, smart, perspicacious, brilliant, worldly, cogent, knowing, knowledgeable, astute, profound, capable, brainy, intelligent, genius, bright, alert, canny, sophisticated, incisive.
intuitive (adjective)
far-sighted, wily, crafty, sly, canny, intuitive, instinctive, artful, tricky, sophisticated, cunning, instinctual, insightful, shrewd, astute.
sagacious (adjective)
sharp (adjective)
skillful (adjective)
ambidextrous, competent, expert, artful, versatile, dexterous, agile, talented, nimble, masterful, efficient, cunning, crafty, adroit, facile, handy, Sure-footed, skilled, genius, capable, apt, proficient, deft, able, accomplished, adept, skillful.
stylish (adjective)
expressive, graceful, stylish, adept, artistic, skillful, deft, artful, eloquent, talented, adroit, capable.
witty (adjective)
funny, tricky, joking, scurrilous, foxy, pointed, sarcastic, wily, shrewd, ingenious, cunning, canny, pithy, inventive, adroit, dry, quick-witted, sly, waggish, intelligent, artful, scintillating, urbane, resourceful, crafty, sparkling, smart, subtle, astute, witty, sharp, facetious, quick, sophisticated, brilliant, droll, deft, comical, jocular.


amusing, glib, academic, clear-sighted, Sharp-witted, original, precocious, discerning. alert, experienced, good, transliterate, ability. reasoned, deductive, sound, meditative, incisive, thoughtful, perceptive. automatically, automatic, auxiliary, laughter, clockwork, analog, broken, built, cordless, clean. deceitful, fraudulent, corrupt, dishonest, untruthful, unprincipled, unscrupulous, dubious. clever (noun)
artful, apt, cagey, smart, ingenious, adroit, cagy, canny, intelligent, cunning.

Other synonyms:

built, cordless. automatically, broken, Sharp-witted, analog. auxiliary. automatic. Other relevant words:
broken, cagey, precocious, clear-sighted, dubious, experienced, clean, ability, academic, sound, glib, thoughtful, automatic, dishonest, fraudulent, corrupt, perceptive, auxiliary, unscrupulous, built, untruthful, unprincipled, laughter, reasoned, transliterate, deceitful, cagy, alert, amusing, clockwork, meditative, incisive, good, analog, deductive, Sharp-witted, discerning, original, cordless, automatically.

Usage examples for clever

  1. How clever of you to think of that, Alston! – The Way of Ambition by Robert Hichens
  2. We're rather clever this morning, aren't you? – The Brother of Daphne by Dornford Yates
  3. " That's clever returned Patty; " for now I shall have to be honest." – Patty's Suitors by Carolyn Wells