Synonyms for Continuation:


return, portion, repeating, recurrence, iteration, reappearance, reiteration, bit, renewal, reoccurrence, revival, detail, reorganization, repetition, restoration, segment, resumption, subdivision, piece, section, recapitulation, pause, wait, substructure, unit, reduplication, part. complement, augmentation, stability, eternity, consistency, permanence, revision, installment, appendix, afterthought, supplement, correction, longevity, spinoff, postscript, wake, addition, peroration, epilogue, Postlude, constancy, emendation. persistency, continue, continuum. resurgence. addition; maintenance (noun)
endurance, succession, enduring, production, sustenance, propagation, continuing, postscript, furtherance, extension, prolongation, protraction, continuance, supplement, sequel, increase, continuity, line, preservation.
communication (noun)
continuation (noun)
lengthiness, abidingness, survival, interminability, sequel, persistence, continuance, prolongation, extension, maintenance, protraction, perseverance.
duration (noun)
continuance, persistence.
sequel (noun)
sequence (noun)

Other synonyms:

continuity, permanence, continuum, endurance, consistency, pause, constancy, resurgence, resumption. persistency, stability. eternity, renewal. preservation, revival. lifespan
Other relevant words:
continuing, appendix, eternity, propagation, consistency, resurgence, sequence, Postlude, complement, pause, addition, line, longevity, augmentation, supplement, increase, repetition, afterthought, succession, persistency, peroration, continuity, sequel, production, survival, enduring, preservation, continuum, continue, stability, lengthiness, furtherance, permanence, sustenance, postscript, epilogue, endurance, wake, resumption, renewal, constancy, revival.

Usage examples for continuation

  1. He looked forward to their abandonment without regret,- what was to come would be a continuation of the best part of them set to the sweetest music. – Berenice by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. The two last chapters are a continuation of the controversy with Bush. – History of American Socialisms by John Humphrey Noyes
  3. On the continuation of light the response declines to zero and remains at the zero position, there being no further action during the continuation of stimulus. – Response in the Living and Non-Living by Jagadis Chunder Bose