Synonyms for Body:


chest, belly, girth, shape, belly button, physique, make, flank, anatomy, figure, abdomen, build, back, front. binding, artwork, addendum, appendix, afterword, skeleton, book, blurb, acknowledgments. bay, balcony, addition, alcove, catacombs, ceiling, brickwork, beading, cornerstone. hull, commission, bed, foundation, groundwork, police, flash mob, Support Group, flash mobbing, scaffold, guts, chassis, essence, substructure, association, box, basis. demonstration, discourse, aftertaste, flavor, evidence, treatise, dissertation, introduction, bite, thesis, heart, exposition, texture, preface, taste, argument, gist, theory, savor. bale, arsenal, organization, agglomeration, bank. armour, richness, bonnet, armor, fullness, bodywork, boot, axle, bumper, density, bull bar, thickness. endure, class, clinic, earn a living, consortium, survive. bristly, bouffant, bald, balding, coiffed, bad hair day, close-cropped, bushy, bedhead. knot, lot, cluster, array, bundle, clump, batch, clutch. gathering, collect, conclave, muster, convocation, get together. corpus, big. budget, quantity, amount, quantum. manifest, incarnate, exteriorize, externalize, substitute, personalize, objectify, materialize, substantiate. body (noun)
organic structure, consistence, consistency, physical structure, dead body, personify.
clump (noun)
collection (noun)
federation, council, corps, salad, formation, mix, omnium-gatherum, partnership, medley, bloc, stew, assortment, college.
corpse (noun)
corpse, carrion, cadaver, carcass, stiff, mummy, decedent, dead body, remains.
council (noun)
committee, conference, board, court, congress, tribunal, congregation, legislature, chamber, symposium, inquisition, convention, quorum, meeting, parliament, cabinet, forum, summit, panel.
crowd (noun)
clump, bundle, array, society, bunch, cluster, group, lot, batch, mob, set.
dead body (noun)
corpse, carcass, cadaver.
main part of written work (noun)
thesis, treatise, exposition, argument, dissertation, evidence, discourse, heart.
physique (noun)
chassis, anatomy, build, shape, carcass, figure.
size (noun)
substance (noun)
object, matter, article, material, unit, substance, stuff, something, thing.
underwear (noun)
camisole, brassiere, bloomers, bra, bustier, body suit, boxers, briefs, BVDS.


stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

bonnet, beading, bull bar, bony, coiffed, carapace, mass, ceiling, girth, cornerstone, bodywork, addendum, bumper, abdomen, preface, balding, alcove, chest, belly, bad hair day, catacombs, balcony, anatomical, afterword, axle, consortium, close-cropped, blurb, bouffant, artwork, corpus, back, antler, aftertaste, belly button, bite, texture, introduction, flank, binding, bay, brickwork, front, clinic, savor, body count, density. bald, batch, anatomy, budget, boot, bedhead, blowhole, capsule, armor, quantum, bushy, bristly, human being, conclave, figure, appendix, bundle, physique, convocation. get together, person, heart, book, flavor, organization, quantity, arm, creature, human. clump, man, addition, personage. cluster, knot, class, taste. mortal, amount. lot, life. being. assembly
camisole, brassiere, bloomers, bra, bustier, body suit, boxers, briefs, BVDS.

Usage examples for body

  1. A body must get through wi' it when it's there, but I don't hold wi' thinkin' about it when it's done. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  2. The question now is, what shall we do with this poor wretch's body – The Hound of the Baskervilles by A. Conan Doyle
  3. He would like, as far as he can, to get away from the body and to turn to the soul. – Phaedo The Last Hours Of Socrates by Plato