Synonyms for Preparation:


building, Maturing, agreement, arrangements, plan, gestation, strategy, founding, evolution, conspiracy, tactic, fitting, Preparing, Furnishing, rehearsal, blueprint, manufacture, groundwork, plot, anticipation, formation, establishment. capacity, cook, fitness, qualification, cuisine, foodie, adaptation, cordon bleu, background, Betty Crocker, culinary, chef, suitability, maturity. cure, product, physic, mixture, nostrum, pharmaceuticals, cure-all, compound, medicament, drug, medication, panacea, medicine. prepared. planned. act (noun)
beginning (noun)
conception, source, stem, beginning, cradle, creation, introduction, precursor, sprout, derivation, hatching, infancy, dawn, commencement, inauguration, start, nativity, nascency, spring, earliness, prelude, babyhood, emergence, birth, genesis, inception, origin, embryo.
development, readiness (noun)
rehearsal, establishment, manufacture, plan, anticipation, background, homework, gestation, construction, training, evolution, readying, qualification, fitting, groundwork, provision, Preparing, arrangement, preparedness, formation.
groundwork (noun)
preparation (noun)
fostering, cooking, training, fabrication, readying, prep, development, formulation, homework, arrangement, composition, drafting, preparedness, cookery, equipment, mobilization, construction, grooming, provision, planning, readiness.
product (noun)
production (noun)
something concocted, put together (noun)
composition, mixture, medicine, product, compound.

Other synonyms:

blueprint, plot, strategy, plan, tactic, conspiracy. background, agreement. fitting
Other relevant words:
chef, agreement, maturity, establishment, Preparing, arrangements, product, physic, strategy, cure-all, cook, capacity, groundwork, planned, plan, medication, fitness, anticipation, evolution, grooming, medicine, qualification, nostrum, readiness, provision, Maturing, homework, plot, manufacture, tactic, gestation, rehearsal, prepared, adaptation, building, preparedness, training, suitability, prep, medicament, panacea, fitting, founding, cooking, pharmaceuticals, mixture, conspiracy, readying, cookery, blueprint, Furnishing, foodie, formation, compound, drug, background, cure, cuisine, planning, culinary.

Usage examples for preparation

  1. Anyway, if we can't do that, it will be the best kind of preparation for the St. John's game. – The Jester of St. Timothy's by Arthur Stanwood Pier
  2. It but remains to mention with gratitude the many kind friends far and near who have helped in the preparation of the material, and especially to thank Messrs. – The Romance of Old New England Rooftrees by Mary Caroline Crawford
  3. During its preparation Iley stole to the door and looked in. – Judith of the Cumberlands by Alice MacGowan