Synonyms for Supplement:


cannibalism, Atkins diet, carnivore, cannibal, diet, crash diet, detox, abstemious, brown-bag. embrace, count in, build in, incorporate, take in, include, involve. blurb, book, body, back, acknowledgments, binding. overflow, overcapacity, excess, overrun, surplus, overkill, spare. down payment, remittance, gratuity, contribution, premium, payback, payment, advance, settlement. fund, put up, pay, finance, spend, bear the cost/expense etc., pay out, disburse, invest in. advice column, centerfold, artwork, classified ad, article, announcement, banner headline, cheesecake, cartoon, byline. antidepressant, anesthetic, anaesthetic, antibiotic, anabolic steroid, amphetamine, antidote, antacid, analgesic, anticoagulant. sequel (noun)
complement, continuation.
something added (noun)
complement, addendum, continuation, postscript.
supplement (noun)
affix, supplementation, add-on, accessory, postscript, append, addendum, appurtenance.


accompany (verb)
escort, adorn, garnish, second, accompany, convoy, add, accessorize, affix, chaperone, attend, attach.

Other synonyms:

overkill, overcapacity, complement. overflow, contribution, overrun, surplus, spare. continuation. excess. addendum
add on
Other relevant words:
cannibal, append, contribution, back, postscript, abstemious, anaesthetic, anesthetic, appurtenance, overcapacity, detox, artwork, continuation, book, body, remittance, cannibalism, overflow, byline, premium, cheesecake, amphetamine, addendum, binding, complement, advance, spend, acknowledgments, antidepressant, incorporate, cartoon, pay, article, include, finance, settlement, centerfold, excess, surplus, payment, overrun, involve, announcement, overkill, supplementation, disburse, antacid, payback, blurb, analgesic, gratuity, accessory, antidote, embrace, spare, fund, antibiotic, diet, anticoagulant, brown-bag, carnivore.

Usage examples for supplement

  1. The book was printed in Rome in the spring of the present year, and contained an English supplement dealing with the actual relations of the Church laws with those of the country. – Dawn of All by Robert Hugh Benson