Synonyms for Ace:


excellent (adjective)
prime, exemplary, above par, excellent, superior, classic, superlative, A plus, exquisite, select, A 1, all-star, choice, fine, splendid.
exhibiting expertise in some activity (adjective)
expert, distinguished, master, first-rate, excellent, virtuoso, outstanding.
expert (adjective)
distinguished, outstanding, able, master.
tiptop (adjective)


attain, accomplish, succeed, come together, be able to do something, bring off, achieve, manage, pull off, triumph. authority, master, proficient, expert, transliterate, ability, dab hand, gifted, past master, professional, crackerjack, capable, dab. deck, heart, deuce, diamond, club, jack, house of cards, card, face card. maestro, superman, artist, queen, prodigy, exponent, best, old hand. terrific, singular, PHAT, plum, cushdy. ace (noun)
sail through, maven, sweep through, hotshot, a-one, star, super, genius, tops, first-rate, tiptop, one, whiz, pass with flying colors, adept, wiz, whizz, superior, breeze through, sensation, unity, single, wizard, virtuoso, nail, 1, topnotch.
expert (noun)
dab hand.
expert in some activity (noun)
genius, star, wizard.
golf (noun)
bogie, bogey, backswing, bunker, birdie, caddy.
tennis (noun)
break, the Davis Cup, advantage, break point, ball girl, ball boy, alley, clay.


social (verb)
pass with flying colors, nail, sail through, breeze through, sweep through.

Other synonyms:

deck, plum, PHAT, jack, dab hand, club, cushdy, past master, queen, singular, diamond, deuce, face card. distinguished, house of cards, card, expert. heart. terrific, master. authority. tennis
break, ball boy, the Davis Cup, ball girl, advantage, break point.

Usage examples for ace

  1. " You can have it, but you came within an ace of losing out," he said. – The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush by Francis Lynde
  2. " I guess I've asked myself that question a thousand times," the English- born air ace said slowly. – Dave Dawson at Casablanca by Robert Sydney Bowen