Synonyms for Effort:


application, bits and pieces, stuff, carelessness, industry, organism, item, striving, pull, ease, tension, article, strain, force, whole, trouble, stretch, thing, object, push, energy, entity, piece, tug, stress. care, drill, challenge, stab, pursuit, spurt, shot, discipline, bid, heavy lifting, resolution, dedication, training, go, battle, whirl. pain, chase, while, stand, trial run. heavy. offer, take. achievement, attainment, acquisition, acquirement, accomplishment, DO. action (noun)
conduct, exercise, action, deed, enterprise, performance, practice, endeavor, motion, movement, operation, labor, activity, behavior.
effort (noun)
cause, elbow grease, crusade, sweat, exertion, movement, feat, drive, campaign, endeavour, exploit, deed, travail, endeavor, attempt, try.
endeavor (noun)
commitment, exploit, approach, adventure, engagement, gambit, maneuver, aim, job, venture, essay, assay, project, attempt, proceeding, purpose, undertaking, production, contract.
exertion (noun)
onerousness, toil, strenuousness, exertion.
travail (noun)
work (noun)
employment, chore, work, occupation, task.
work, exertion (noun)
endeavor, pull, attempt, sweat, feat, strain, push, purpose, exercise, drill, application, labor, travail, essay, striving, go, deed, achievement, tension, force, production, energy, stab, toil, job, industry, undertaking, aim, accomplishment, battle, enterprise, stress, shot, elbow grease, spurt, trouble, tug, resolution, training, try, venture, stretch, discipline.

Other synonyms:

heavy lifting, trial run, striving, acquirement. attainment, dedication, challenge, bid, accomplishment, shot. acquisition, pursuit, chase, achievement. stab, pain, while. application. care. push, go, stand. trouble. effort
Other relevant words:
cause, drive, application, pain, action, whirl, discipline, accomplishment, stab, campaign, achievement, elbow grease, endeavour, drill, travail, industry, pull, trouble, energy, heavy, attainment, thing, stand, tension, battle, DO, tug, acquisition, bid, try, training, acquirement, crusade, chase, sweat, feat, resolution, force, spurt, go, stress, stretch, push, strain, offer, care, take, striving, while, shot, dedication.

Usage examples for effort

  1. Her voice failed her, in the effort to speak. – Blind Love by Wilkie Collins
  2. I am not so strong as you are, and if you will let me rest here until the afternoon, I am willing to make a last effort and try to reach the entrance of the tunnel. – Revenge! by by Robert Barr
  3. Veronique must have made a mighty effort over herself to break her twelve years' silence with a speech that said so much. – The Village Rector by Honore de Balzac