Synonyms for Maneuver:


flight, locomotion, movement, transit, disturbance, plan, motion, mover. combat, incursion, war, skirmish, drill, assault, war games, Exercises, battle, mission, pitched battle, parade, struggle, exercise. budge, advance, propel, roll, means, manhandle, shunt. double time, halt, move, evolution, inspect, inspection, boot camp, attention, annapolis. dirty tricks, prank, hoax, measure, step. buy, gimmick, blackmail, make up to, cultivate, jig, cozy up, buy off, take in, honest, keep in with, flatter, shenanigan, sleight, bribe. act (noun)
manoeuvre, simulated military operation, play.
action (noun)
dry run (noun)
war games.
endeavor (noun)
action, purpose, effort, proceeding, enterprise, commitment, essay, adventure, engagement, deed, job, performance, undertaking, gambit, project, production.
maneuver (noun)
direct, operate, channelise, tactical maneuver, head, point, guide, evasive action, tactic, play, Tactical Manoeuvre, manoeuvre, simulated military operation, steer, channelize.
military practice, operation (noun)
drill, battle, parade, tactics, exercise, evolution, war games.
move, tactic (noun)
device, dodge, ploy, jig, feint, movement, measure, gimmick, step, subterfuge, plan, stratagem, play, machination, ruse, gambit, contrivance, action, artifice, proceeding, procedure, plot, trick, scheme, game.
stratagem (noun)
deception, tactics, feint, trickery, pitfall, ruse, artifice, trick, machination, device, plot, game, trap, contrivance, trick of the trade, stratagem, Trojan Horse, subterfuge, wrinkle, dodge, ploy.
venture (noun)
affair, activity, procedure, pursuit, initiative, feat, task.


competition (verb)
operate, manoeuvre.
direct physically (verb)
guide, steer, pilot.
endeavor (verb)
approach, endeavor, act, venture, commit, exploit, attempt, assay, undertake, engage, volunteer, contract, perform, proceed, aim.
navigate (verb)
drift, cruise, navigate, pilot, guide, float, sail.
plan, scheme (verb)
exploit, operate, move, navigate, proceed.
venture (verb)
campaign, scheme, initiate, pursue.

Other synonyms:

buy off, keep in with, shenanigan, war games. gimmick, jig, make up to, move, flatter, bribe. cultivate, sleight, evolution. blackmail. buy, take in, movement. step. measure. tactical manoeuvre
Tactical Manoeuvre.
Other relevant words:
channelise, tactic, head, simulated military operation, jig, point, means, direct, action, measure, roll, channelize, hoax, mission, step, parade, bribe, evolution, move, sleight, battle, war games, drill, play, tactical maneuver, exercise, flatter, manoeuvre, evasive action, steer, shenanigan, Tactical Manoeuvre, movement, plan, gimmick, blackmail, operate.

Usage examples for maneuver

  1. And thus, by this skillful maneuver he found himself seated opposite to La Valliere, whom he completely concealed. – Louise de la Valliere by Alexandre Dumas, Pere