Synonyms for Attempt:


push, stand, chase, trial run. take, stab, trial, illegality, criminality, law-breaking, crime, misdeed, count, shot, case, go. go after, aggression, Assailment, push for, assault, strike, press for, offensive, try for, work, offense. make a stab at, take a crack at, have a go at. act (noun)
attack, endeavor, try, effort, endeavour.
attempt (noun)
undertake, endeavor, seek, try, attack, assay, set about, essay, endeavour, effort.
endeavor (noun)
deed, production, action, undertaking, purpose, proceeding, effort, gambit, performance, job, essay, engagement, project, adventure, commitment, enterprise.
experiment (noun)
trial run.
offer (noun)
issue, invitation, investiture, submission, bestowal, offering, grant, deal, overture, endowment, citation, bid, concession, present, advance, tender, quotation, gift, donation, offer.
trial (noun)
try, effort (noun)
endeavor, attack, try, venture, bid, stab, undertaking, shot, struggle, trial, go.


endeavor (verb)
approach, contract, exploit, act, undertake, perform, commit, assay, proceed, aim, volunteer, endeavor, maneuver, engage, venture.
offer (verb)
submit, extend, invite, render, cite, bestow, quote, impart, give, endow.
social (verb)
essay, seek, assay, try.
try, make effort (verb)
essay, seek, aim, undertake, have a go at, push.

Other synonyms:

misdeed, try for, crime, Assailment, press for, trial run. go after, shot, criminality, work, push for, illegality. aggression. offensive, stab, chase. assault. count. offense, push, go, stand. case. pursue
try for, have a go at.
set about.
take a chance
make a stab at.
Other relevant words:
criminality, aggression, offense, chase, push, offensive, struggle, strike, assault, take a crack at, Assailment, go, shot, attack, stab, have a go at, trial, work, seek, case, try, misdeed, illegality, set about, endeavour, take, make a stab at.

Usage examples for attempt

  1. " The trouble with you, George, is that you have to learn a new lesson about every thing you attempt – A Daughter of the Land by Gene Stratton-Porter
  2. She made no further attempt to keep him out. – The Obstacle Race by Ethel M. Dell