Synonyms for Handle:


ear, surmount, work out, overcome, holder, hilt, bail, get through, shrug off, arm, stem, tiller. face, do something, take something on board, tackle, nickname, name, designation, moniker, title, combat, see about, make the best of something. Christian Name, rage, family name, blow off steam, assumed name, first name, a.k.a.. base, edge, back, bevel, brim, corner, confines, palpate, bump, bottom, apex. doorjamb, doorknocker, used, manipulate, door, doorbell, doorstep, arch, doorpost, doorplate, ply, doorstop, control. deal with, arrogate, take over, take charge (of), take the lead, run with it, assume, move in on, see to, hijack. market, block in, bypass, car pool, merchant, back up, vend, box in, retail, peddle, buckle up, bus, change down, carve up, merchandise. dock, freight, bill of entry, cargo, carrier, consignment, carriage, bill of lading, delivery. limit, regulate, restrict, contain, cure, determine, curb, confine, keep down. cradle, hold on, grab, keep hold of something, carry, hang on, hold tight. alias (noun)
assumed name.
handle (noun)
address, spindle, deal, cover, trigger, pull, care, handgrip, stock, hold, manage, shank, palm, crank, brace, brake, doorknob, lug, knob, plow, do by, knocker, wield, grip, treat.
name (noun)
appellative, appellation, cognomen, title, denomination.
nickname (noun)
denomination, appellation, designation, cognomen, name, moniker, style, title.
something to grip (noun)
crank, stem, tiller, hold, hilt, handgrip, bail, ear, holder, arm, knob, stock.


carry as merchandise (verb)
retail, deal in, market.
feel (verb)
probe, experience, grope, sense, touch, undergo, feel, fumble, respond, finger.
manage, take care of (verb)
ply, control, treat, deal with, wield.
social (verb)
deal, manage, care.
touch (verb)
finger, manipulate, feel, palpate.

Other synonyms:

cure, overcome, name, nickname, appellation, arrogate, palpate, holder, see to, surmount, appellative, shrug off, take over, see about, work out, moniker, face. control, ear, cognomen, tackle, epithet, move in on, retail, peddle, hijack, deal in, barter, vend, manipulate, arm. designation, get through, combat. fence, market, assume, traffic. tag, deal with, denomination. style. title. feel
hilt, hold.
vend, deal in.

Usage examples for handle

  1. He turned the handle and entered. – Love's Usuries by Louis Creswicke
  2. I'm surprised the master cared to handle him. – Love of Brothers by Katharine Tynan