Synonyms for Exercise:


preparation, running, tactic, blueprint, conspiracy, planning, strategy, plan, walking, training, calisthenics, constitutional, arrangements, plot, agreement, gymnastics. insight, advanced, hothouse, theme, discovery, assimilation, acquisition, exploratory, task, flashcard, test, occupation, study, education. implementation, go toward, used, consume, fall back on, bring in, draw on. adoption, wear, rehearsal, exploitation. aquarobics, circuit training, bodybuilding, chin up, aerobic, aerobics, boxercise, the burn, bend. kitty litter, answer to, heel, kennel, call off, domesticate, litter, cat litter, handler. limber up, jog, sculpt, warm up, loosen up, firm up, burn off, hold. bother, alarm, unsettle, distress, weigh on, worry, frighten, disturb, concern, tear apart. accomplishment, use (noun)
implementation, utilization, employment, application, practice.
act (noun)
physical exercise, workout, exercising, example, physical exertion.
action (noun)
activity, action, operation, deed, performance, practice, motion, effort, behavior, movement.
activity (noun)
business, stirring, energy, animation, kinetics, agility, liveliness.
application (noun)
service, utilization, usage, employment, use, application, utility.
exercise (noun)
recitation, practice session, DO, practice, physical exertion, physical exercise, example, practise, employment, workout, drill, usage, exert, utilization, exercising, utilisation, use, work out.
exertion (noun)
exertion, toil, strenuousness, onerousness.
preparation (noun)
use (noun)
exercising, utilization, operation, employment, use, application, utilisation.
work, effort (noun)
performance, activity, study, recitation, toil, labor, test, constitutional, act, occupation, drill, exercising, exertion, operation, training, theme, workout, movement, discharge, task, calisthenics, action.


act (verb)
move, function, work, execute, enterprise, endeavor, behave, labor, appear, transact, act, officiate, conduct, perpetrate, comport, perform, operate, react.
apply (verb)
employ, utilize, exert, effect, implement, apply, serve.
body (verb)
work out, work.
consumption (verb)
do repeatedly, especially to improve (verb)
work, warm up, loosen up, limber up, work out.
exert (verb)
expend, wield, discharge.
put to use (verb)
operate, exert, utilize, wield, use, employ, apply, execute.
upset, worry (verb)
distress, disturb, bother.

Other synonyms:

hothouse, implementation, kennel, boot camp, discovery, exploratory, insight, education, litter, kitty litter, calisthenics, domesticate, cat litter, flashcard, annapolis, double time. handler, sculpt, heel, burn off, inspection, assimilation, loosen up. inspect, answer to, firm up, advanced, attention, training. acquisition. study. warm up. hold. exert
Other relevant words:
practise, attention, advanced, worry, flashcard, exercising, physical exertion, drill, limber up, training, task, concern, hold, theme, study, occupation, litter, physical exercise, bodybuilding, utilisation, rehearsal, running, distress, acquisition, annapolis, workout, unsettle, work out, disturb, gymnastics, practice session, action, bother, loosen up, aerobics, inspection, calisthenics, preparation, test, kennel, recitation, example, implementation, jog, exploratory, constitutional.

Usage examples for exercise

  1. They would exercise for hours each day and it was amazing how he built up his body. – The Biography of a Rabbit by Roy Benson, Jr.
  2. The future lies with the people who will take exercise and not too much exercise – Success (Second Edition) by Max Aitken Beaverbrook
  3. When I told Richard that henceforth we would have to exercise extra care, he was beside himself with rage. – Secret Memoirs: The Story of Louise, Crown Princess by Henry W. Fischer