Synonyms for Labor:


equity, brother, closed shop, executive, the CBI, chapel, COSATU, ACTU, the AFL-CIO. energy, drudgery, strain, baby shower, antenatal, stress, amniotic fluid, arrive, the afterbirth, amniocentesis, baby blues, pull, anti-choice. dedication, capitalist, challenge, employer, worker, care, labor union, heavy lifting, pursuit. call, collaboration, delegation, division of labor, appointment, background. childbirth, childbearing, birth, start, birthing, delivery, go after, try, parturition, try for, accouchement, struggle, strive, push for, attempt, press for. forge, buckle down, exert yourself, work at, overwork, put your back into something, apply yourself. drift, crawl, dawdle, drop back, trail, creep, fall behind, ease, meander. payroll, labor force, labor market, manpower, staff, workforce, personnel, people. action (noun)
effort, activity, behavior, deed, operation, motion, performance, movement, action, practice.
activity (noun)
motion, enterprise.
childbirth (noun)
parturition, birth, delivery, childbed.
childbirth process (noun)
parturition, birth, delivery, childbearing.
difficulty (noun)
exertion (noun)
strenuousness, onerousness, exertion.
giving birth (noun)
group (noun)
working class, proletariat, labour.
labor (noun)
labour, project, proletariat, drive, working class, drudge, lying-in, moil, undertaking, department of labor, parturiency, tug, grind, trade union movement, dig, labor movement, confinement, labor department, toil, push, travail, task, fag, labor party, Labour Party, childbed.
person(s) performing service (noun)
worker, proletariat.
travail (noun)
work (noun)
task, chore.
work, undertaking (noun)
exertion, drudgery, push, strain, endeavor, job, chore, activity, toil, industry, stress, employment, struggle, grind, travail, pull, operation, energy, exercise, effort.


act (verb)
endeavor, act, appear, transact, comport, enterprise, exercise, react, move, function, operate, perpetrate, behave, work, execute, perform, officiate, conduct.
body (verb)
exert (verb)
employ, exert, expend, wield, apply, discharge.
social (verb)
tug, drive, push, labour.
work (verb)
work very hard (verb)
strive, drudge, drive.

Other synonyms:

Labor Department
labor department.
equity, accouchement, birthing, the AFL-CIO, childbearing, labor force, labor union, COSATU, parturition, manpower, work at, ACTU, buckle down, the CBI, labor market, workforce, try, closed shop. chapel, brother, personnel, executive, delivery, strive, payroll. birth. overwork, forge. strain. staff. people. act
practice, operate.
Other relevant words:
struggle, personnel, working class, childbed, forge, lying-in, labor department, Labour Party, dig, work at, drive, labor party, chapel, workforce, care, parturition, undertaking, overwork, grind, project, drudge, trade union movement, accouchement, strain, parturiency, birth, pull, ACTU, strive, labour, stress, manpower, labor movement, fag, drudgery, energy, executive, childbirth, pursuit, tug, confinement, travail, department of labor, push, proletariat, delivery, birthing, COSATU, moil, childbearing, worker, try, people.

Usage examples for labor

  1. But far more important was the effect of the strike upon the general labor movement. – A History of Trade Unionism in the United States by Selig Perlman
  2. The labor is in itself its own reward and all I want. – Memoir of John Lothrop Motley, v1 by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. Edition: 10 Language: English